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My first weekend in Hood River! – The first day

My first weekend in Hood River!  –  The first day

Saturday, 21-June-2015

I can’t believe it… Today should be full of crashing drums and explosions and fortuitous portent.

Instead, I was up just like any other day… maybe a little more tired, thanks to how late we stayed up the night before. But overall? The same as any other day of the road trip.

But today’s the last day that I’m traveling. The last day that I’ll be living out of my highly organized car; the last day that I’ll know exactly where everything is, and the last day that I’ll be sleeping on a tiny sleeping pad, unable to turn over without carefully adjusting myself to stay on the comfy part.

So we left Wyeth campground earlier than we expected, but later than I’d hoped that we’d leave. I’d been loosing my “wake up early” rhythm, thanks to later nights and conversation (not a bad thing), but I’d still kind of hoped to get moving super early, to maximize the time I had with Mike and Liz before they had to head back on the road toward California.

We hung out. Chatted as we packed up camp, then chatted and joked around while sitting at Yelp’s favorite Hood River diner. Bette’s place, if I remember right, and it was definitely a good “Stick to your ribs, huge portions, delicious down home cooking” style diner. We got a cinnamon bun at the end – literally a bun the size of a normal dinner plate. We could barely make a dent in it, after our main meals… and that’s with us all being ravenous after a night of music and drinking.

But it’s still sort of early, and Mike and Liz don’t seem to be in a rush… exploration time! Checking out the breweries quick; just a walk-by really, just to get an idea of the area.

Then the game shop – and ohh man does this town have a game store. D&D, Dragonlance, RC drones, board games… seriously, this place has it all. And right next door is a low-key book shop, and next to that are a few cool coffee bars… Man, Hood River is everything that I enjoyed about Cambridge! I mean, I’m sure it’ll be kinda bad in the winter, but for now… I think I’ll enjoy it here.

With Mike and Liz back on the road, I keep wandering around town, waiting for the call from my Airbnb host saying that they’re ready for me to pop by.

I’m new to the town, to the state, hell even to the general geographic area. So I enjoyed the chance to just… wander. People watching, and exploring small shops, is my favorite way to get to know an area. Seeing what’s expensive, seeing what’s available and what’s not… all the little things that affect how people live their lives. It’s neat – especially in new areas and cultures. Which, let’s be honest, the Pacific Northwest is definitely a different culture than New England.

A few calls home, and a few real-estate agent visits later, I get the call from the Airbnb folks that everythings set. So I head over to meet and greet and see where I’ll be living for two weeks while I look for a new home.

And it’s beautiful! The hosts are lovely – a married retired couple, who rent out the spare apartment / room in their gorgeous house. It’s actually a renovated church, and the apartment that I’m renting is a solid quarter of the floor space. Two bathrooms, a bedroom, and two sitting rooms.

Unpacking takes longer than I expected – much longer, if we’re being honest. But it happens, and I slowly decompress my life out from the convertible that it’d been jammed into, and into an actual house.

Then I relax, walk up the hill that Hood River is perched on, eat dinner, and watch the sunset over my new town.

Christmas in Arizona: Breakfast with BFC, followed by some sad farewells.


A southwestern Christmas – Vacation in Arizona

Sunday, 22-Dec-13 through Saturday, 28-Dec-13


Saturday, 28-Dec-13

  • Up and at ’em! For real this time, and we actually get out of the house before 8:30!
  • Instead of taking the usual mode of transport, my Dad’s fire-breathing Diesel pickup truck, we take a slightly smaller and more efficient mode of transport – the motorcycle. It takes me a bit of time to get used to being completely exposed, especially while doing 70 mph on the highway, but I do get used to it after a little while.
  • We link up with Greg and Cindy, the folks from Oregon that I’d met earlier in the week, and all ride out to a diner. It’s a nice 20min ride, and I love the sun and wind and everything. We had turned around right after leaving the house so’s I could get goggles, and I definitely appreciated that decision. I can’t imagine how it would have been without them, but with them was quite enjoyable.
  • Breakfast at the diner was a great time – It was the monthly Bikers for Christ meeting, a motorcycle group that my dad belongs to, and I enjoyed getting to talk and hang out with all the guys there. We ate, drank coffee (possibly more than was necessary), and had a good time.
  • After breakfast, we rode back to the house, more than a bit somberly since it was only to grab my gear and head back toward the airport.
  • I get a call: strange number, and no one replies when I ask who it is. So I hang up.
  • I get another call: same strange number. This time I wait a bit, and get rewarded with a robot voice telling me that my flight it going to be delayed by an hour. Ok! Awesome, get to hang out at home for a bit longer, chatting and relaxing with everyone (Puppies included). But it’s only a stay of execution, and before long we’re in the truck again, heading to the airport.
  • I get my tickets, and since there’s no line at TSA we grab a cup of coffee and hang out in the Arizona sun one last time. It’s nice, and we chat and sip the coffee as long as we can before I head through security.