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So, lets start this shall we? First off, I need to warn you: theres a lot of back story to most of this, so I would recomend reading the “about me” section, since I put most of the major things up over there.

I originally thought that I should  start  writing down stories of my adventures some time ago, on a trip up to the Loj in New Hampshire.  It was one of those rides that seems almost perfect: It was two good friends, along with myself, in a car big enough to give us each a good amount of stretching room, but small enough to keep us within listening range.  And best of all: for the first in almost half a year I wasn’t the one driving.  Not that I mind driving, but its a four to four and a half hour drive up, and it can get pretty damn boring.  So there we all were, just gotten off the main highway and within “we’re almost there!” distance of the Loj.  No one’s talking at this point, and the road’s pretty clear, good weather.  One the radio is “Radar Love” by Golden Earing, a song that I hadn’t heard in ages, and I’m starting to just drift in and out of my own thoughts when it hits me: I feel completely perfect right now.  I honestly can’t think of any way that this moment could get any better, any clearer, or any happier.  And when I realized this, I started thinking: “could this be heaven?  Could I be dead right now, and not even realize this?  Because seriously, I can see eternal paradise being this singular moment.”  And with that thought, I knew that I wanted to record my adventures, autobiography, blog, something.  And now, since it turns out we hadn’t crashed and instead made it up to the Loj for a rather epic weekend, I present to the world, “Tales from the Hutt”

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  1. Ben; WOW !!! Your trip to Devil’s Tower, WY was sooo much more comprehensive than mine back in 96′. So VERY glad you were able to see so much more of this Native American National Monument !!!
    Hugs, Dad

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