The Basic Info that you should know about me, where my stories come from


Ok, so in my stories there will probably be alot of stuff some people don’t understand, because they dont hang out with the groups of people that I do.  So… Here you go, a quick glossary of terms and names that may come up.

NUHOC – Where I found my wings; its the outdoorsing group at Northeastern.  I joined my freshman year, I honestly don’t remember what first lead me to the group, and I’ve been in there ever since.  I’ve had my share of drama, but I’m currently (as of ’09) serving contently as the Quartermaster of the club, in charge of running the gear locker.   This is where I’ve met alot of great friends, learned to rock climb and backpack; pretty much everything I love to do has some tie into this group.

Loj – This is the Loj (not spelt Lodge) that NUHOC keeps up in the woods of Northern New Hampshire.  Its run by a group of people known as LC’s (Loj Commitee_members, we skip the members in the acronym), and to become an LC you need to be a trainee (or LCT) first.  I’m currently (again, as of ’09) an LCT, working my way through the list of “what you need to know” things before I can get my keys.  This is where dreams are started and stories made, a home away from home to many, and a true home for a few, many times myself included.

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