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If you give an engineer a garage…


If you give an engineer…


If you give an engineer a Garage, they’ll ask for some power tools.

And if you give your engineer power tools, they’ll ask for a project to work on.

If you give an engineer a project, they’ll finish it up and ask for another project.

If you give that engineer another project, they’ll finish those projects and get bored.

If an engineer get’s bored, they’ll start working on their own projects.

And if an engineer works on their own projects, you’ll end up with a high pressure sink and an automated security system.

But if you end up with a high pressure sink and an automated security system, you’ll get a visit from the CIA.

If you get visited by the CIA, you’ll have to move to a new house.

And if you move to a new house…

The engineer will ask for a house with a garage.

Camping in Maupin, 05-May through 07-May


Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 05, 06 & 07

Apologies for this one, but this post never really got completed… it turned into more of a quick list of details.  But it’s still a pretty good record of a pretty historic trip – my first camping trip Post-Injury!  This weekend was to be an experimental weekend… trying out walking on non-standard terrain, pushing myself just a bit, and trying to judge whether or not I’d actually need surgery.  

It went well; as you can read below, we had some pretty solid adventures, with my knee holding strong the whole time.


Friday, 05-May

  • Sarah made delicious pancakes and bacon!
  • Drive to Maupin, have a snack lunch
  • Did some walks, read a lot
  • Steak for dinner!
  • More fire, and smores



  • Pancakes and bacon!  Again!
  • Read a lot, sitting by the river
  • Walks, do a semi-legit hike totally not over a barbed wire fence
  • Relax on a rock in the sun on a hill
  • Read a lot more
  • Snacks!
  • Ben doodles!
  • Dinner at Riverside
  • Back to camp, have some more fire
  • read and sleep



  • Up, pack, and get coffee in town
  • stop in Portland, water plants and get groceries
  • Cannon Beach!
  • Run and play and spaz and fun!
  • Stir fry for dinner
  • relax, then sleep

Christmas and New Years break, 2016 into 2017: Last Day in Edinburgh


Last Day in Edinburgh! Natural History Museum of Scotland!

Friday, 30-Dec-2017

Our last day in the seat of Scotland… awww…

We’re not ones to give up easily though. We were packed and out the door of the apartment nice and early, intent on tracking down a good breakfast and some great artwork. Also – historic exhibits. Also… yeah, mostly just those three. Because we were on our way to the Natural History Museum of Scotland!

First, we had breakfast. I ate a full Scottish fry up. It was tasty… yes, even the Haggis. I mean, I wouldn’t order it exclusively, and I don’t think I’ll ever have it again, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected sheep lung to be. But yeah. Breakfast. Then, onward to the museum!

Not as large or as famous (at least in my knowledge) as the London Natural History Museum, this one was actually notably more pleasant, in my opinion. Subtle things, like the design of exhibits and the flow of traffic mean a lot in a museum, and London had missed the mark pretty hard on those – whereas Scotland struck them right on. The exhibits in Scotland weren’t as impressive or rare, to be sure, but they were more enjoyable, and the museum itself was a more pleasant experience.

We all split up to wander our own ways, and I took a circuitous route through a few bits that I thought would be interesting – A robotics exhibit, a whole section on Pacific Island culture, and even taking the elevators all the way up to the top, for a look out over the city from the parapets.

It was a little tough though, by the end, knowing that we only had a few hours to explore. Museum’s like this, they need days. They need you to live in the town, and go visiting on random weekends. A few hours in obviously not enough, but I feel like I’d still have missed out on the cool random rooms even if we’d spent a full day dedicated to the museum. Not a reason to skip it, not at all! But still, a small bit of sadness that I had.