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A quick note – Terrifying random things in Wilsonville


Tuesday, 13-Apr-2021

Suburbia is quiet, simple, and unchanging.

When people come and visit me, I warn them that I live in an apartment complex that could be, almost literally, anywhere in the United States.

The trees aren’t really native, the houses are cookie cutters, and the nearby strip malls have… well, pretty much exactly the stores that you’d expect. Sure, there are some regional variations, but… still. You’d need to think about it for a minute or so to really place where in the country I live, without any other information.

But sometimes, something interesting pops up and scared the living crap out of me.

Like Tuesday evening, when I was walking home from the gym right after dusk, and I saw a floating toddler in the glare of a walkway lamp.

After my heart started beating again, it was pretty clear that this wasn’t, in fact a spectral apparition sent to consume my flesh and destroy my soul.

But I’ll tell you, it took far longer than it should for me to convince myself of that fact…

Christmas in Italy – Florentine Street Art

Christmas in Italy – Florentine Street Art

In keeping with the tradition of adventure, Sarah and I went on a big trip for Christmas and New Years!

This year, we met up with Sarah’s family in Italy, traveling to Rome and Florence; not quite a perfect midpoint for everyone, but it was close enough. And, also, you know. Rome. Florence. Amazing!

Please forgive me for some of these being a bit out of order… the posts are organized somewhat chronologically… but also organized by theme and location.  Some may not be exactly in chronological order, so for reference please see the initial summary post, which has a complete day-by-day, blow-by-blow account of the adventure.


Various days while we were in Florence

Street Art – it can be spray paint tags, stencils, or huge murals. It’s one of my favorite things to look for when I travel to a new city, I feel like it gives me a rare look into the psyche of the city, and a glimpse into what the people who actually live here enjoy and appreciate.

Rome did have some street art, but it was pretty few and far between… whether this was due to city laws, the fact that there were so many statues, or something else, I couldn’t tell. Florence, however, was alive with random small little stencils and sprays.

I didn’t see any graffiti or tags, such as you’d see in a subway tunnel in New York City, but I did see a lot of little artistic sprays around the side streets. There was one series of famous paintings, but stenciled with the subjects wearing swimming goggles, that became a minor obsession of mine. Every time we saw a new one, I’d get super excited and stop to take a quick picture.

So, please sit back and enjoy the following two galleries: The Swimming Goggle Collection, and the Street Art of Florence collection.


Spring Break 2014 – Paris: Street Art


Saturday, Sunday & Monday, 24 – 26 May, 2014

Location: Paris, France


Something I really enjoy looking at, when exploring a new city, is the street art.  The Graffiti, the tags and the little unofficial pieces that get put up every few blocks.  I’m sure that some of them have deeper stories than I’ll ever know, but I like to think that I can get a basic feel for a city from what they have.

For example, much of what I saw in Venezuela was quite intricate and artistic… mostly due to the fact that the president had actually commissioned a number of pieces to “spice up” the construction barriers filling the city.  Or in Hawaii, where the pieces were large and showed a lot of mythology – since people had more time and light to work.

Paris, by contrast, had a lot of sprays and paper pieces – things that could be stenciled or applied quickly and easily.  There were a few much larger and more intricate pieces as well, that obviously took a lot of time and effort, but the majority could probably be applied in mere minutes.  Maybe this means that the police are cracking down a bit more?  Or that the artists prefer to put the time in someplace that they feel safe, and then do a quick application in public?


Either way: enjoy a few of the sights…