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Wilsonville flowers and spring adventures


March and April, 2023

Man… I swear, if these trees were in Massachusetts, there’d be a whole event around them flowering.

I almost take it for granted, this team of year, just how beautiful the flowering trees of Oregon are. I have to make a point to step back and appreciate the blooms, enjoying the color and symmetry and… well, just everything about them.

I always remember back to the line from “The Last Samurai”: “The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life.”

I haven’t dedicated my life to finding the perfect blossom… but I’ll keep it as a hobby, and continue my search.

And, since this is Portland after all, I won’t complain if I find some delicious tacos, crazy spray art, or near little yard ornamentation in the process.

A snowy day in Wilsonville


Thursday, 23-Feb-2023

Wilsonville doesn’t get much snow.

I mean, we get at least a dusting every year. But that doesn’t count, you know? It’s not SNOW, it doesn’t blockade the roads and keep you warm and cozy inside by the fire, with a mug of cocoa on the end table as you stretch out and read a book in your warm slippers.

We got that this week, though.

I don’t really watch the weather very often, except to check for details on a hike or trip I’m going on. And I don’t partake in as much chatting around the office as I could… so when I woke up on Thursday and saw snow outside, I was psyched!

Surprise snow! Yay!

Of course, I was also greeted by a text message, and phone call, clamoring for my attention, “The office is open today! Come in if you feel safe!”. Darn. No snow day, huh?

I survived, though. Cleared off the car and drove in, power-sliding through every turn I could and enjoying every second of the snowy drive of course. We even got catered lunch at the office, since only a handful of folks made it in, and none of those folks worked in the lunch room, hah!

I loved it. A nice walk around the park after work, stopping on the side of the road to take pictures… Yeah. This New Englander loves his snow.

A visit from back home – The Portland Puppet museum!


Sunday, 05-Feb-2023

Just a quick note for this one, but after the Evergreen Air and Space museum, my Mom and I had a bit more museum energy to burn off… so we hit a spot that she’d been wanting to see for a while – the Portland Puppet Museum!

Yep, that’s right! Turns out, Portland has the 3rd largest puppet museum in the United States!

I honestly didn’t even know about this, but in retrospect it doesn’t really surprise me that much… I mean, we’ve got Laika, we’ve got countless art houses, and we’ve got tons of film industry now… so it just makes sense that there’d also be a puppet community! I mean, “Keep Portland weird”, right?

The museum was tiny – literally smaller than my apartment, and probably the same size as my living room. But what they had on display… Dang! It was a full room, no doubt about it, and the curator / docent / owner was amazingly well versed and well spoken – We spoke for ages, with him telling stories about the shows and plays the puppets had been in, sharing amazing bits of knowledge, and even letting us use some of the puppets as a demo of how the rigging for them works!

10/10, would recommend and will visit again!

And on the way home, we got tacos!

Heck yeah Tacos!