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Appreciation for the small things – Flowers and fields


Week of 10-Oct-2022

One of the many not-so-small things I appreciate about Oregon is the amazing views that I get. Mountains, skylines, sunsets, and oceans… Desert sunsets and forest sunrises. Light filtering through the moss… It’s stunning, and gives perfect little daily reminders about how excellent the natural world can be.

Not all of those views are found in the deep woods, or high mountain passes either… beauty is everywhere, even in a short stroll around the apartment after work.

An Impromptu drive into Portland


Friday and Saturday, 26-Aug and 27-Aug-2022

It’d been a long week. Grad school applications, work tomfoolery, all of it. I’d hit the gym, ordered a pizza, and was about to pour a glass of whiskey and watch a movie while gorging on more food than is probably recommended by good sense.

My friend called – she was at the animal hospital, waiting to be seen. Her cat’d been kind of sick, and had taken a turn for the worst. The kitty was unhappy, and the friend hadn’t had dinner.

Whiskey was put back on the shelf, pizza was wrapped in a cloak to stay warm, and I was on the highway heading to Portland within 5min.

Not the Friday evening I’d planned (or the very early on Saturday morning, when she was finally seen by the Vet… almost four hours later), but you know what? Easily a better time. I’ll take the opportunity to bring surprise-pizza to a friend over watching a movie at home, any time and any day.

The GMAT, the GRE, and me


September, 2022

“Hey Ben, why haven’t you posted anything recently?”

“Well, other-Ben, it’s because I was studying for and taking admissions tests for grad school!”

“Ohh cool, Ben! Congrats!”

Yep, you read that right. I, the one who’s always pushed back on every recommendation to get an MBA, am applying for grad school. For an MBA.

Why, you may ask? Well… work hasn’t been going great, and I’m hitting some sort of ceiling at my site. No promotions in view, no advancement to management… it’s time to shake it up, yeah? I’ve been here for almost 5 years, so I’m thinking it’s time to look abroad. Maybe find a school in the UK or something?

Yeah… we’ll see.

Anyways, I was studying a lot. It was rough. Then I took the exams – they were rough too… but I crushed them, so pretty proud of that. And both exams were at 8am, so I got up pretty early to be fully awake ahead of time… so I got to see some beautiful sunrises, and have amazing lunch afterward! Double-win!