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Spring Break 2018 – West Virginian adventures, Other Galleries



Interestingly enough, I wasn’t the only one on this adventure.

And, thankfully for everyone, some of the other adventurers are excellent photographers.  You may have noticed that, while leafing through the various pictures that I posted, I don’t feature in a whole lot of them.  Funny, that.  Turns out that being behind the camera (or cell phone, in this case) is pretty non-conducive to being in the photos themselves.  I tried for some selfies… but let’s be honest.  The front-facing camera isn’t really doing my beautiful face justice.

Thankfully, those other excellent photographers also had cameras.  And some of those cameras are really good!


So please.  Sit back, relax, forgive us for any repetitions that you might see, and enjoy Daniel’s rather massive photo gallery.



Dinner in Portland – a sunset visit to Mt. Tabor



A Crater Lake adventure!

Sarah had planned a glorious adventure: We would drive down to Smith Rock to climb for a day, then spend a day at Diamond Lake exploring, and then hit the jewel of the trip – a sunrise exploration of the Crater Lake rim.  From the rim, we’d stay nearby, explore Crater Lake, relax, take a boat ride, and have a great time.  We’d packed the car, made trip itineraries, and Ollie was safely at camp for the week.  All we needed to do was drive… 

But then weather interfered.  Specifically, fire interfered and encroaching wildfires causes us to cancel our plans and head back to the safety of Portland.  That wouldn’t keep us from our adventures though!


Wednesday, 30-August-2017


Our original plan for today was to drive around Crater Lake, do some swimming, and then make Enchiladas for dinner over the campfire.

We couldn’t quite do that.  By this point, Crater Lake itself was under an imprenetrable shroud of smoke from the nearby fires, so even if we had been there it wouldn’t have been a pleasant swim.  Most of the road was closed anyways, so we couldn’t have gotten down there if we’d wanted to.

So instead, we trekked up Mt. Tabor here in Portland, made dinner, and watched the sunset.


The original plan, as I mentioned, was to eat Enchiladas tonight.  Since we’d already been packed up for the trip itself, it wasn’t anything special to adjust plans and instead carry all of our cooking gear up to the top of Mt. Tabor.  We did forget the fuel canister though… so while Sarah was setting up, I trekked back down to where we’d parked the car to grab the fuel.

By the time I got back to the summit, Sunset was nearly on us.  More spectacular though, was the array Sarah had created for us; She’s set out a picnic blanket, electric tea lights, a vase of flowers, and a whole cookset!  I mean, everything.  The skillet was set up, the enchiladas prepped, and all we needed to do was relax, have a drink, and wait for dinner to heat up.

It was gloriously amazing, and definitely not an evening I’ll forget anytime soon.

Christmas and New Years break, 2016 into 2017: Last day in Scotland

Christmas and New Years break, 2016 into 2017: Last day in Scotland

Our last full day in Scotland – a sad time, but a good chance to relax, see the river Dawn, and learn to cook all fancy-like

Tuesday, 03-Jan-2017

Turns out, a full day of hiking in the Scottish mountains tires a Ben out. I slept in late today… felt kind of bad about it, to be honest… but everyone was pleasant and happy, so I didn’t feel too bad for too long.

The goal for today: See the North Sea again, at the mouth of the river Dawn. It’s an excellent place for bird watching, from what Bill said, but also an excellent little beach to stroll along, and see some of the interesting ruins along the water. I even found some gloriously well polished sea glass, some of which got taken back with us to Oregon as captured prizes from the old world.

Lessons were learned as well, when Henry decided to make his fancy salmon dish and needed some assistance in julienning the veggies. I honestly didn’t even know what that meant at first… now I know it means “spend a ton of time, and get bored trying to cut things really super small”.

I have to admit though, the results were excellent. We all sat down in the main dining room, and partook of an excellent array of food, drink, and conversation. I really enjoyed this aspect of the whole trip… I’d never met Henry or Leah before, and had only really spent one or two days at a time with Bill and Greta. Being able to regularly share dinners was a treat, and something that I very much look forward to doing again in the future.

We ate, we drank, we talked all about what everyone was up to in the new year, and tried our best to ignore the fact that we were all (with the exception of our hosts, of course) flying out the next day.