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Pictures of Portland – Spring, 2020


Throughout the first half of 2020


So… 2020 is a challenging year.  Things haven’t gone super well, overarchingly.

But you know what?  Flowers still bloom, and the world turns.  There’s beauty everywhere, if you slow down to look for it.  So sit back, and enjoy a gallery of a few pieces of that beauty.

Gardening in Portland – a summer’s worth of beauty!


Summer, 2018


I enjoy gardens, but Sarah loves gardening.  While I like appreciating them, and maybe growing a few small plants indoors, Sarah builds amazing outlines, creating beautiful views and spending hours pruning and weeding and cultivating her creations.

Really, there’s not much more to be said… look at the pictures below, and enjoy the fruits of Sarah’s (and mine, to a much lesser extent) labor!