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19-March-2016, Ollie loves the beach!


Saturday, 19-March-2016


Ollie loves going to the beach with us!

But the seagulls don’t love Ollie back… Aww…

Ollie made the best from her ohh so difficult life today, specifically the fact that seagulls don’t love her, by running around the beach like a maniac chasing said squirrels.


Honestly, there’s not too much to be said about it.  We were originally going to be renting a little yurt on the ocean… but when we actually went about renting one, we learned that they’re usually already booked ~8 months in advance… not something we really wanted to deal with right then.  So instead, we hung out in Portland and then drove out to Cannon Beach during the day.

Cannon’s in a nice little town by the ocean that reminds me of Cape Cod – small tourist shops, salt water toffee, and tons of fish and chips places.  And ice cream shops, even though it’s like 3 degrees out.  Which, of course, we stopped in to and had an ice cream.

Past that, we walked.  We explored, did some “rock climbing”, and had a good time.

Not as good as Ollie chasing the seagulls, of course, but I don’t think humans can have that much fun and survive it 🙂


But it’s okay, because to make up for it, Sarah cooked up an amazing dinner of Lamb Lollipops and carrots and salad.  So… you know.  Who really won in the end?  We all did 😀

18-March fancy dinner


Friday, 18-March-2016


In Boston, we’ve got lobster. We’ve got chowder and delicious seafood. But crab isn’t really part of that delicious seafood. So when Sarah told me that she wanted to go to a fancy crab place… Hell yeah!


The dinner destination was Jack’s Crawfish; a place that Sarah has taken her folks to a while back, and that supposedly had the most massive plate of crab legs that anyone could ever want. And the best part? The weather was finally nice, and it was close enough to bike to!


We hopped into semi-fancy clothes, got onto the bikes,and rode to meet our delicious, butter-covered destiny. Our destiny served on a platter. Our destiny was crab legs.


And they were delicious! We had fried calamari to start out though, so by the time we were done we could barely move… Which was a two-fold bummer. First: we didn’t have room for dessert. Which would have been a chocolate box full of berries and fudge. Second: we still had to bike home.


The first problem was sad, but we got over it quickly since the food that filled our bellies up was amazing. The second problem… Well, what do you do when you can’t bike home? You go to the book store and peruse!


So we looked around Powell’s – alternating between looking for my Aunt’s gardening books, and reading behind the scenes books about the art of Mad Max. Sarah has some really awesome insights into those books, FYI. Advantage to working in that field for so long, it seems 🙂

Then, home. But not biking. Because we were still stuffed. We tried to take the MAX (the Portland equivalent of the MBTA or the BART), but it wasn’t running frequently enough (every 45min), so we just ended up walking. And then got passed by two MAX trains that hadn’t shown up on the schedule. Clearly.


Still. Worth it.

12-Mar-16,Biking adventure in Portland!


When I first moved to Portland, I planned on regularly tossing my bike onto my car and spending the weekend exploring the city.

Obviously, that plan of being bored and solo on the weekends has been a bit overcome by events – specifically going on a ton of amazing adventures with Sarah. But this weekend, after a long climbing competition the night before, there was a day that was basically begging me to get on  bike and stretch my legs.


So I did. I biked downtown, across the bridge (fixing a flat tire on the way) and through the woods.

Lunch found me at a little cafe called Chef Naoko, eating a bento box full of fancy organic, sole-source, sustainable (and many other Portland-verbs) meal. The tea was tasty, as was everything else. A bit expensive… But this is Portland, so what can you expect. Not quite San Francisco grade, but probably a bit above Boston grade.

I biked.

I went straight when the lights were green. I turned when they were red. A dodged and weaved around traffic, and followed detours when necessary.

I found myself in Washington Park in the rain, watching the clouds move through the city below.

I saw the Portland Holocaust Memorial; with its haunting brass sculptures of kids shoes and discarded Teddy bears. There was a school group walking through, so I stayed to listen to the description. It was a bit lacking, in my opinion… Saying “the German government did bad things” doesn’t seem to  quite convey what really happened. <shrug>

I met some LARPers, fencing with foam swords in the park. We chatted. They were cool.

I talked to a missionary, who offered to help me fix that flat tire that I’d gotten. He was cool, and surprisingly insightful. I thanked him for his offer, and wished him luck.

I kept biking.

Rain fell, pedals turned, and I enjoyed the long ride.