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Where has Ben been, the summer of 2014? – Bouldering at Crow Hill


One of the adventures that I partook in this Summer was trying out the bouldering at Crow Hill!  Most people say it’s not really good, and that if you’re hitting Crow then you should focus on Trad, since that’s what it’s known for…

And honestly, they’re right.

But it was worth trying, at least.

21-Sep-13 – Climbing at Crow Hill


21-Sep-13 – Climbing at Crow Hill

  • I met up with Daniel, Erin and Meghan early afternoon on Saturday. They were supposed to be there earlier, but the extra time gave me a good chance to relax and explore the area.  Do a bit of shopping at the random yard sales, have a bite to eat, the usual slow Saturday stuff.
  • Once they arrived we moved onto the climbing – starting in at the far left wall
    • Usual two routes here: layback crack and the nice handcrack that runs up the center
    • Daniel and I led the center crack (once each), and I let Daniel take the Layback crack.  Was nice, and a fun relaxed set of climbs.
    • I tried to set up a small climb farther right, but unfortunately some other folks arrived just before I could actually go about setting the route.  Wasn’t that horrible, but I was looking forward to trying out a new face over there.  Getting a good lead in maybe.
  • From here we moved right, to the practice slabs.  It was getting late, so we only did a toprope of the first one.  I did take two runs on it though – one to try the straight-up and fun route, and another to try out a few harder slab moves that looked interesting.  They were, in fact, quite interesting.
    • And… that was it.  Not a huge amount of climbing, but it was fun.  The weather was great and we had a good time, which is really the key to it.

Surf and turf adventures, on a weekend in July


Surf and turf adventures, on a weekend in July

19, 20 & 21 July, 2013


Friday, 19-Jul-13

  • Meet Alex at her place
  • Roll out to Boston Rock Gym
  • Climb!  Climb semi-weak, but not too horribly.  Lead a few fun ones, and rock out the roof
  • Head out, get dinner at TGI Fridays ‘cause we’re classy like that
  • Explore old castles and boulder on the walls
  • Home james


Saturday, 20-Jul-13

  • Wake up a bit early and start the day off… slowly.  Breakfast in my usual way
  • Chirag calls, he’ll be late.  Mike calls, he wants me to pick him up.  Fine, w/e.
  • We roll out @ 14:00, instead of 12:00
  • Grab some quick snacks and lunch along the way
  • Meet Alex in Rye at 15:45, instead of 2:00, but we’re not too bad off.
  • Grab the Kayaks and head into the water!  The ocean water!
  • Kayak out to a small spit of rock, and hang out there for a bit
  • Chirag gets dunked while trying to save the Kayak.  *My hero!*
  • Head back inland… urg.  Ben is getting sick
  • Bring the Kayaks in, hang out a bit
  • Alex’s dad gives her permission to hang out all night
  • Drive back to Cambridge Via backroads and Methuen
  • Park @ Mikes, hang out.  Order pizza.  Get beer.
  • Sarah and James show up, we all chill and smoke Hookah for ages.  Fun.
  • Keep chilling and shooting the breeze
  • Alex and I head back to my place, hang out on the roof for ages, just chilling and stargazing
  • Sleep

Sunday, 21-Jul-13

  • Up early… way early… 8:20 early.
  • Make some breakfast and read for a bit.  Get stuff done around the house.
  • Meghan arrives a bit after 12:30, Alex gets in around 13:00, we pack up the car and ROLL OUT
  • Drive to Crow Hill… I love my convertible.  It makes drives amazing
  • Grab some lunch at the grocery on the way
  • Get there, walk in, meet tons of people nearby
    • One team of three is there before us, so we move onto the unoccupied climb:
    • Layback Crack (5.6 + Trad) – aptly named, it’s a straight-up layback.  Pretty clean and simple, and I move up it without much trouble
    • Tom’s Dilemma (5.6 Trad) – not really much of a dilemma, this is one of my favorite climbs out there.  Alex took the lead, but ended up having to bail off it after running into some head-game issues.  I cleared it out and we spent some time playing on it.
    • From here, we rolled on.  The two climbs took a while to work through, since we weren’t in any rush and we spent a bit of time exploring variations to the main routes.
    • All that was left was the long drive home… but thankfully, it was a perfect evening and route 2 was perfectly open… a long and empty highway just waiting to be driven.