Surf and turf adventures, on a weekend in July


Surf and turf adventures, on a weekend in July

19, 20 & 21 July, 2013


Friday, 19-Jul-13

  • Meet Alex at her place
  • Roll out to Boston Rock Gym
  • Climb!  Climb semi-weak, but not too horribly.  Lead a few fun ones, and rock out the roof
  • Head out, get dinner at TGI Fridays ‘cause we’re classy like that
  • Explore old castles and boulder on the walls
  • Home james


Saturday, 20-Jul-13

  • Wake up a bit early and start the day off… slowly.  Breakfast in my usual way
  • Chirag calls, he’ll be late.  Mike calls, he wants me to pick him up.  Fine, w/e.
  • We roll out @ 14:00, instead of 12:00
  • Grab some quick snacks and lunch along the way
  • Meet Alex in Rye at 15:45, instead of 2:00, but we’re not too bad off.
  • Grab the Kayaks and head into the water!  The ocean water!
  • Kayak out to a small spit of rock, and hang out there for a bit
  • Chirag gets dunked while trying to save the Kayak.  *My hero!*
  • Head back inland… urg.  Ben is getting sick
  • Bring the Kayaks in, hang out a bit
  • Alex’s dad gives her permission to hang out all night
  • Drive back to Cambridge Via backroads and Methuen
  • Park @ Mikes, hang out.  Order pizza.  Get beer.
  • Sarah and James show up, we all chill and smoke Hookah for ages.  Fun.
  • Keep chilling and shooting the breeze
  • Alex and I head back to my place, hang out on the roof for ages, just chilling and stargazing
  • Sleep

Sunday, 21-Jul-13

  • Up early… way early… 8:20 early.
  • Make some breakfast and read for a bit.  Get stuff done around the house.
  • Meghan arrives a bit after 12:30, Alex gets in around 13:00, we pack up the car and ROLL OUT
  • Drive to Crow Hill… I love my convertible.  It makes drives amazing
  • Grab some lunch at the grocery on the way
  • Get there, walk in, meet tons of people nearby
    • One team of three is there before us, so we move onto the unoccupied climb:
    • Layback Crack (5.6 + Trad) – aptly named, it’s a straight-up layback.  Pretty clean and simple, and I move up it without much trouble
    • Tom’s Dilemma (5.6 Trad) – not really much of a dilemma, this is one of my favorite climbs out there.  Alex took the lead, but ended up having to bail off it after running into some head-game issues.  I cleared it out and we spent some time playing on it.
    • From here, we rolled on.  The two climbs took a while to work through, since we weren’t in any rush and we spent a bit of time exploring variations to the main routes.
    • All that was left was the long drive home… but thankfully, it was a perfect evening and route 2 was perfectly open… a long and empty highway just waiting to be driven.

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