Ben’s 26th Birthday weekend in Acadia National Park!


Birthday weekend in Acadia

12-Jul-13 through 14-Jul-13

Friday, 12-July

  • Bike home from work late… wanted to leave around noon, but leave work @ 13:30
  • Relax around the house, packing up and having a bit of a snack
  • Get to Maine later than aimed for – arrive at Bridgette’s place at 21:30
  • Dinner at Olive Garden, woo!
  • Allie meets up with us there, we all hang out and catch up
  • Go to a house party for one of Allie’s sorority sisters.
    • Some fun, some cake, one drunk girl keeps stroking my dreads
    • Cops come
    • Hostess hides, literally, under her bed.  So they can’t find her and charge her with… something.
    • We leave
  • Head back to Bridgette’s place, chill, crash.

Saturday, 13-Jul

  • Wake up slow – Bridgette has work, but calls in sick so that we can grab breakfast instead
  • Breakfast is tasty and awesome, and I shoot the shit with the owner for a bit about cars and Mustangs and winter and everything
  • Allie packs up all her stuff while Bridgette and I grab some random gear from her folks place
  • Tent is HUGE
  • Go back, find Allie, relax a bit, then head out to ACADIA!
  • Long drive is fun – especially with the top down
  • Go to the campsite, set up tent, it’s cooler when NUHOC isn’t there 😛
  • DAMN the weather is perfect!
  • Tent is hugemongous
  • Gear back in the car, roll out to explore!
  • Hit Echo Lake, do a bit of hiking
  • I go to explore the rocks, damn they’re pretty!
  • The girls bail and go down to the water to swim and chill
  • Amazing splitter cracks, perfect laybacks, and even a few tough sport routes
  • Drive into town to get FOOD!!!
  • Park, wait in line for a bit
  • Geddys!
  • Lobster and steak
  • Steak is crap, lobster is awesome
  • Appetizer is AMAZING!
  • Roll out, explore a bit more.  Drive back to camp, light fire, relax
  • Cigars, chill chatting
  • Girls go to bed, I stay out and read for a while.  It’s nice.

Sunday, 14-Jul-13

  • Wake up semi-early, but no real rush
  • Clean up camp, check out, and head into town for breakfast
  • DAMN!  Strawberry / rubarb jelly is awesome!
  • Girls go shopping, I hike around Eagle Lake.  Do some reading
  • Head back, pack it in, drive out!
  • Get lost, drive the wrong way… who cares?  It’s nice out, fuck it.
  • Stop at the ocean for a quick dip
  • Drop the girls off, drive home under a perfect sunset

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