A weekend of shows and relaxation:


A weekend of shows and relaxation:


21-Jun-13 through 23-Jun-13

Friday, 21-Jun-13

Seeing Dylan Moran

  • Friday night, bike home from work quick and early
  • Take the T to the show
  • Long line to get in, and booze is $14 a cup… screw that
  • Sit down with Marla in our seats… cool Irish folks next to us!  Chat, laugh, show starts
  • Very good… doubly good when you picture him in the TV show Black Books
  • Intermission is chatting and flirting with the Irish girls… quite fun 🙂
  • Second act is just as good as the first, if not better
  • Head out afterward, and take the T to Cambridge Commons for beer with the Irish
  • Drink, laugh, and make merry with them and the table next to us.
  • Walk home to take Minor for a walks, and crash

Saturday, 22-Jun-13

Quick climbing day at Hammond

  • Nothing crazy, just a few quick runs up the climbs before dark.

Seeing Avenue Q

  • Meet Allison at my place ~7:15
  • Drive over with the help of a confused GPS
  • Sit down – small theater, but still pretty cool.  The set is really good looking!
  • Play is excellent!  The actors / singers are great, and they get the voices perfect.  The stage is amazing, and I almost get caught up in how well it’s designed (from a multi-purpose standpoint)
  • It’s over, hang out with Allison’s friend, and shoot the breeze for a bit
  • Home and crash

Relaxing around the house on a Sunday

  • Basically relaxed and nothing… good Sunday

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