Weekend trip to Philly for my sisters graduation!


Weekend trip to Philly

13-Jun-13 & 16-Jun-13

Friday, 14-Jun-13

  • Drive down after work
  • Long, through NYC at night
  • Boring, but not too bad since the top is down.  Basically, convertibles make everything better.
  • Wrong hotel
  • Link up with Dad & Denise

Saturday, 15-Jun-13

  • Wake up on Saturday to Dad’s face… ahh!
  • Link up with Mom & Steve and Co at the breakfast
  • It’s kinda cool – lots of good food, and small.  Just her major
  • Chat for a bit
  • Go to the graduation, Denise gets a ticket!  Woo! I go to wander
  • Through Drexel, into UPenn
  • Read & Write
  • Find a water garden with tons of turtles
  • Get the call to come back
  • Hang out in the hotel
  • Take a nap before dinner
  • Go to White Dog
  • Link up with everyone there
  • It’s fancy, and wicked cool.  Meet Kevin’s mom
  • Amazing salmon

Sunday, 16-Jun-13

  • Wake up on Sunday, roll out via driving.
  • Park near the BBQ place, take the Septa to the farmers market
  • Wander around old philly a bit
  • Pretty parks and water fountains
  • Farmers market isn’t bad – neat stuff, and I pick up bacon & espresso
  • Fathers-Day Lunch at BBQ!
  • Long drive home… very long drive home.
  • Take a few back roads when traffic gets really bad
  • Take the parkway around NYC to the Tappen Zee, instead of the George Washington
  • But it’s still long.  Like… 8 hours, when it should take 5.  I am quite cranky on this drive, since it’s silly traffic.
  • Finally home, just in time to sleep for work the next day.

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