Weekend trip to Philly for my sisters graduation!


Weekend trip to Philly

13-Jun-13 & 16-Jun-13

Friday, 14-Jun-13

  • Drive down after work
  • Long, through NYC at night
  • Boring, but not too bad since the top is down.  Basically, convertibles make everything better.
  • Wrong hotel
  • Link up with Dad & Denise

Saturday, 15-Jun-13

  • Wake up on Saturday to Dad’s face… ahh!
  • Link up with Mom & Steve and Co at the breakfast
  • It’s kinda cool – lots of good food, and small.  Just her major
  • Chat for a bit
  • Go to the graduation, Denise gets a ticket!  Woo! I go to wander
  • Through Drexel, into UPenn
  • Read & Write
  • Find a water garden with tons of turtles
  • Get the call to come back
  • Hang out in the hotel
  • Take a nap before dinner
  • Go to White Dog
  • Link up with everyone there
  • It’s fancy, and wicked cool.  Meet Kevin’s mom
  • Amazing salmon

Sunday, 16-Jun-13

  • Wake up on Sunday, roll out via driving.
  • Park near the BBQ place, take the Septa to the farmers market
  • Wander around old philly a bit
  • Pretty parks and water fountains
  • Farmers market isn’t bad – neat stuff, and I pick up bacon & espresso
  • Fathers-Day Lunch at BBQ!
  • Long drive home… very long drive home.
  • Take a few back roads when traffic gets really bad
  • Take the parkway around NYC to the Tappen Zee, instead of the George Washington
  • But it’s still long.  Like… 8 hours, when it should take 5.  I am quite cranky on this drive, since it’s silly traffic.
  • Finally home, just in time to sleep for work the next day.

About perfectusvarrus

I am an adventurer. I've been many things in my life; a machinist, a mechanical designer, a training coordinator, a facilities consultant, and a seasonal construction worker. But through it all, I've kept my love of adventure and exploration strong, through rock climbing, backpacking, cycling, exploring, and trying new things. The rush of adventure is intoxicating, and the thrill of discovery and exploring is unbeatable.

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