A visit from back home – The Evergreen air museum!


Sunday, 05-Feb-2023

My Mom and Steve came to visit!!

It’s been a hot minute since they’ve both been here to visit, explore, and catch up… 2019, if I’m remembering right, from when we went out to Seattle? Yeah… that sounds right, and sounds like long enough that we’ve got some adventuring to catch up on!

Our second day dawned bright and beautiful, if a bit cold and a bit overcast. So… not bright at all, in fact, but I’d be willing to make the argument that it was, in fact, beautiful!

I… don’t actually remember what I cooked up for breakfast, now that I think about it… We may have actually gone out, but I’m pretty sure I’d remember if we did. Maybe yogurt and eggs?

Hmm. Interesting.

If I had to hazard a guess as to why I can’t remember, it would be the excitement of the rest of the day.

See, I work in Aerospace, specifically commercial aviation. And, for one reason or another, Oregon has a few really good air museums. None of which I’ve been to before, which honestly seems like a bit of a crime now that I type that fact out.

We rectified that, a bit, on Sunday! A trip to the Evergreen Air and Space museum ensued, the home of the one and only Spruce Goose! Yep, that one – the Howard Hughes pet project, was the largest aircraft in the world until 2019, and carried a comparatively small payload against the cargo aircraft of today.

Made of wood, powered by propeller engines, and personally piloted by Howard Hughes…

Yeah, it was pretty cool to see, to say the least!

After breakfast we drove out, to be greeted by the massive hanger out in McMinnville!

What did we see while there? Well… let me tell you!

  • The Spruce Goose, of course!
  • A really cool Messerschmitt, the first jet-powered fighter in history
  • A real life SR-71 Blackbird! Fastest plane in history!
  • Tons of other planes… but let’s be honest, those three are really cool!

Some quick lunch on the way home kept us happy and fed, but aside from that… yeah! Great museum and great times!

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  1. I think breakfast was not quite the thrill of our first day, but eggs Benedict every day just wouldn’t be special any more. One thing I really appreciated about the Evergreen was their mention of many amazing women pilots through history: Amelia Earhart, of course, and also Bessie Coleman, a mixed-race woman who received an international pilot license in France in 2021 after being declined from US pilot schools because she was Black.

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