A visit from back home – The Portland Puppet museum!


Sunday, 05-Feb-2023

Just a quick note for this one, but after the Evergreen Air and Space museum, my Mom and I had a bit more museum energy to burn off… so we hit a spot that she’d been wanting to see for a while – the Portland Puppet Museum!

Yep, that’s right! Turns out, Portland has the 3rd largest puppet museum in the United States!

I honestly didn’t even know about this, but in retrospect it doesn’t really surprise me that much… I mean, we’ve got Laika, we’ve got countless art houses, and we’ve got tons of film industry now… so it just makes sense that there’d also be a puppet community! I mean, “Keep Portland weird”, right?

The museum was tiny – literally smaller than my apartment, and probably the same size as my living room. But what they had on display… Dang! It was a full room, no doubt about it, and the curator / docent / owner was amazingly well versed and well spoken – We spoke for ages, with him telling stories about the shows and plays the puppets had been in, sharing amazing bits of knowledge, and even letting us use some of the puppets as a demo of how the rigging for them works!

10/10, would recommend and will visit again!

And on the way home, we got tacos!

Heck yeah Tacos!

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