A visit from back home – Exploring the Art Museum


Saturday, 04-Feb-2023

My Mom and Steve came to visit!!

It’s been a hot minute since they’ve both been here to visit, explore, and catch up… 2019, if I’m remembering right, from when we went out to Seattle? Yeah… that sounds right, and sounds like long enough that we’ve got some adventuring to catch up on!

The day started out, as every day would if I had my way, with an amazing breakfast. I tend to share breakfast pictures pretty regularly, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that my Mom was pretty adamant that I should make us a few good meals. This morning’s breakfast – Eggs benedict!

(Check out the recipe that I used below… I learned this years ago, and DANG if it isn’t amazing).

After breakfast, we started into the adventure of the day – heading into town for a bit of art culture, and maybe some city exploring!

We started at the Art museum – which was actually surprisingly lovely! The last time I’d been was right after my wisdom teeth were taken out, and I’ll be honest… I wasn’t too enthused. But going a second time, with family along, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit more! The main exhibit, called Dakota Modern, was quite good… quite a bit better than I remembered it being.

We explored, I saw with new eyes, and appreciated ourselves a bit of culture. Mm. Yes.

After the museum, we switched gears and went to REI – just a quick stop, to grab microspikes for a hike we had planned for Monday. Nothing big, and it was quickly followed up with a walk down to Powells for a snack and perusal of books, and then a stop at the climbing gym to show off some of the fun I get to have… and let my Mom and Steve meet my friends Bri and Lea who were climbing that evening!

Nicely tuckered out, we headed home. Flambé steak was cooked, presented, and readily devoured. Relaxation on the couch ensued, and a great evening was had relaxing by the fire.

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBJjRYk0yC0

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  1. Ben, you are indeed an excellent host — the eggs Benedict were indeed amazing (I want more!) and poking around Portland was also great fun. Perfect way to relax after my previous week busily running a conference in CA.

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