Ben makes an Easter Ham for the first time – Easter Sunday, 2015


Sunday, 05-April-2015


The family’s Passover Seder was finished, the leftovers sitting in my fridge just waiting to be warmed up and snarfed down.

But unlike most Jewish households during Passover, I had bread on my shelves.  I even had a ham sitting in the fridge!  Was I the worst Jew ever?  Nope!  I was the best, since I was being a good host!

But Ben!” you may ask, “How does any of that have anything to do with being a host?

Well, unnamed person who’s asking me questions in my own head,” I’d reply, “I’m being a good host by throwing an Easter Sunday dinner for my friends who’re far from home!

Ohh wow, you’re such an awesome person Ben!  I wish I was like you!

Ohh stop flattering me, voice-inside-my-head, you’re too kind!


Baseline, we made dinner.  Daniel and I did some climbing early in the day, hitting up the usual Yoga class with Emma, and then roping up for a few lead climbs.  I even finished my project cleanly!  Not just once, but twice in a row!  But we had to cut it a bit short, since the Ham was slated to take a while in the oven, and there was other prep work that needed doing before dinner could be served.

So Emma and I biked back to the house while Daniel hit up Whole Foods for the last few bits that were missing – including some Oysters for us prep people… simply to keep us fed and able to cook well, of course.


The rest of the night was finishing the food, hanging out with people as they trickled in, and generally having an extremely lovely Easter Dinner.  We had everything – ham, sweet potatoes, normal potatoes, bread, drinks, ginger beer, all the fun stuff that one expects from Easter when a Jew is cooking it.  We even had Mandelbread for me, so that I could rock some kind of bread-shaped-food!


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