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Ben makes an Easter Ham for the first time – Easter Sunday, 2015


Sunday, 05-April-2015


The family’s Passover Seder was finished, the leftovers sitting in my fridge just waiting to be warmed up and snarfed down.

But unlike most Jewish households during Passover, I had bread on my shelves.  I even had a ham sitting in the fridge!  Was I the worst Jew ever?  Nope!  I was the best, since I was being a good host!

But Ben!” you may ask, “How does any of that have anything to do with being a host?

Well, unnamed person who’s asking me questions in my own head,” I’d reply, “I’m being a good host by throwing an Easter Sunday dinner for my friends who’re far from home!

Ohh wow, you’re such an awesome person Ben!  I wish I was like you!

Ohh stop flattering me, voice-inside-my-head, you’re too kind!


Baseline, we made dinner.  Daniel and I did some climbing early in the day, hitting up the usual Yoga class with Emma, and then roping up for a few lead climbs.  I even finished my project cleanly!  Not just once, but twice in a row!  But we had to cut it a bit short, since the Ham was slated to take a while in the oven, and there was other prep work that needed doing before dinner could be served.

So Emma and I biked back to the house while Daniel hit up Whole Foods for the last few bits that were missing – including some Oysters for us prep people… simply to keep us fed and able to cook well, of course.


The rest of the night was finishing the food, hanging out with people as they trickled in, and generally having an extremely lovely Easter Dinner.  We had everything – ham, sweet potatoes, normal potatoes, bread, drinks, ginger beer, all the fun stuff that one expects from Easter when a Jew is cooking it.  We even had Mandelbread for me, so that I could rock some kind of bread-shaped-food!


Katie’s Emerald Extravaganza


Saturday, 14-March-15


Daniel is one of my best friends; we’ve climbed literally all over the world, and gone on some amazing trips.  Over the years, I’ve become very close with their family; so when his sister put together a party to celebrate 10 years of being cancer-free, I was very excited to get to party with all of them.

And since Katie is a very classy woman, the event was a very classy event.  Black tie mandatory, white tie optional.  Held in the ballroom of a nice Boston hotel, with good drinks, great food, amazing people, and intimidating dancing.


But back to the beginning… it was a good day for a fancy indoor party.  I took the T instead of driving over; it was a bit of a walk in the rain, but thanks to a rainproof jacket and a good umbrella it was nicely simple and dry.

I arrived at the Liberty right during cocktail hour – it was fun, but I’m honestly never really sure how to mingle in situations like that.  There’s only so much time, and everyone’s already talking to everyone else, and I want to talk to everyone and catch up… but it was really nice – and the open bar definitely made it quite fun!  From cocktail hour on the top floor of the hotel, we moved down the the main floor and the central ballroom – the room Katie’d reserved for the party proper.  It was a good sized room; not small, but not cavernous either.  Brian, Daniel, Erin and I got tabled together with a few other folks who I hadn’t met before, and we all hung out and chatted while dinner was set up.

And what was dinner, you ask?  Yeah.  It was amazing, that’s what it was.  Buffet style, with salmon and prime rib, and really almost everything that you could want.  Excellent potatoes, grand desserts, coffee, and yet another open bar.  Gin and tonic all around!  Everything is awesome! (Cue that song from the Lego Movie)

As dinner’s continuing, the dance floor transforms – where it originally was just a flat wooden floor, now it’s a dangerous land, full of spinning dresses and swinging high heels!  Katie and her friends are extremely skilled ballroom dancers… and getting to watch them all show off is kind of an amazing treat for the night.  I’ve gotten to see them dance at parties before, but there’s never been enough room to really spread out, from what I could tell.  Now?  Now, they have all the room they need to really show off.

Of course, the rest of us joined in on the floor too, once the good people were tired out and had slowed down a bit.  I didn’t do too poorly, and I had a lot of fun.  Which is what I’ll keep telling myself until I’m convinced that it’s ok that I’m not as good as them, hehe.


The rest of the night is spent as a party should be spent – hanging out, drinks, photobooths, photo bombs in that photo booth, and hearing about fancy proposals made.  Ohh, that?  Yep.  This wasn’t just Katie’s 10th anniversary of being cancer-free – it was also her 0th anniversary of being engaged to her now-Fiance Nathaniel.  The proposal happened off-stage (I believe Katie got pulled aside quickly), so we only got to hear the outfall from it.  Cheers, impressed noises at the ring, etc…

A great party – though now I have a wedding to look forward to… if this was impressive, I can’t imagine how much so that will be!



To quote Katie, from her invitation:

“Freshman year of college i was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma and underwent a year of surgery and chemotherapy to treat it. Next March will mark 10 years of being cancer-free!
In celebration, I am going to throw a giant party. It will include cocktail hour, buffet dinner, dancing, photo booth, and other various and sundry fun times. Party will be held at the Liberty Hotel in Boston on Saturday March 14, 2015.

This Site will serve as the information center for the Emerald Extravaganza. If there are any questions that have not yet been answered here, please let me know and I can update!

Thanks for celebrating with me 🙂


New Years Eve 2014


Wednesday, 31-Dec-13

New Years… it’s one of my favorite holidays, though I honestly can’t really tell you why.  I think it’s partially because it’s a time for new beginnings, and it has a “people should make out!” element added into the countdown.  Ohh, and popping champagne corks is always nice too.

So this year, Daniel hosted New Years… I think he held is last year too, but I’m not 100% sure.  Either way, it was EXCELLENT!

I dressed up, as usual, in my Kurta from Jig and Dave’s wedding… if anyone hasn’t seen a Kurta before, look it up quick – they’re amazing.  Very bright colored and lots of sequins… not the best with dreads, I’ll admit, but I survived and thrived non-the-less.  Mine was bright emerald, with perfect aquamarine fancy slippers, so I was definitely the belle of the ball for this one night.

The party night itself was a bit of a  blur – Terese and I took the train out, since the plan was to crash at Daniel’s place anyways, so there was no concern about cars or parking or any of that nonsense.  The train was completely packed, but that’s just the price you have to expect to pay on New Years Eve.  Nothing too bad, though I was a bit saddened by the lack of crazy people or interestingly dressed folks riding with us.

Instead, we got to the party, helped set up, and then proceeded to party down!  There wasn’t one overarching story to the party, so let me sum it up with a few fun points:

  • We had TONS of random and amazing drinks – Daniel and I both spent time playing bartender, though I have to say that I’m pretty sure that my Baileys and Frangelico coffee was basically the best thing ever.  I did make that, right?  Not a dream?  Hmm….
  • Brian (Daniel’s brother) and Mike LeVasseur were both able to make it out from Florida and California, respectively.  Thus, lots of time was spent catching up and hearing about various enterprises.  Damn, both of those guys are getting stuff done!
  • Terese pulled off a VERY nice outfit… I do enjoy events where people dress up.  It’s fun, and is a good excuse to play the fancy card.
  • The countdown was awesome, and lots of champagne was drank by all.  Daniel, I apologize for how messy your floor must have gotten.  My bad.
  • Some people are nice guys, and feel bad about crashing in bed with a girl who’s ex is in the same room with them.  Mike and I are not nice guys, so when the nice guy is drunk and just wants to sleep, we drag him to the room and toss him in the bed with the girl (they’re both clothed, don’t worry about it.  He’s a gentleman) and leave the annoyingly drunk ex to deal with it himself.  Laughs were had by all.  And high-fives.

The night ended well, basically with all of us crashing at random places throughout the house.  Terese and I found ourselves in the downstairs bedroom, on a sleeping pad that Daniel had laid out.  It wasn’t the most comfy thing ever, especially when on a hardwood floor instead of outside in the forest, but it was definitely acceptable, and we slept pretty well.  Very well, when you count everyone getting up constantly, people leaving at 5 in the morning, and the partiers outside.


Thursday, 01-Jan-14

The next morning started slowly and painfully… but honestly not nearly as painfully as I expected.  Chirag and I were the first ones away (technically Brian was, since he came downstairs, but that doesn’t count because he went back to sleep), followed quickly by Terese.  After I got up and put Terese back to bed, we got dressed and headed out for a constitutional… AKA a walk to Dunkin Donuts to get stuff for everyone.

Was a nice walk, doubly-so for seeing everyone taking the walk of shame, or being painfully hungover waiting for their coffee.  We got a box of coffee and a ton of donuts, said hi to a few police officers who were just too tired to deal with any of this shit, and headed back to start making breakfast.

Three Bostwicks later, everyone was awake and downstairs, eating bacon and sausage and eggs and other delicious concoctions.  The day went quickly from there, leading us on a few light adventures as we tried to shake the hangovers.  The Hobbit was watched, snacks were had, and the new year started out with a nicely comfortable sigh.