On the excellence of microadventures


Spring, 2015

Note: This post is based off the New York Times article on the same subject: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/22/travel/the-virtues-of-microadventures.html?_r=0


So, I’ve been stuck inside a lot recently – cold / dark winters can do that to you, especially when they’re combined with losing a job and needing to spend time doing the whole job hunt thing.  So when Daniel sent me this link, it resonated pretty well with me.  I could only do so much, but what I could do I’ve been working on vigorously.

First, I’ve been sleeping outside a lot more.  It’s not bad – I have a back porch that’s nicely secluded, and isn’t easily accessable.  It’s in the back, hence the name, and so street noises don’t transfer too much.  And by layering my mattress pad on top of the crash pads that I have for climbing, it’s actually really comfortable.  A zero degree sleeping bag does definitely help though.

And aside from sleeping outside, it’s finally warm enough to start biking again!  I’ve re-visited my love for the Boston Esplanade, but I’m also trying to explore more places around.  Instead of picking a destination and a projected path, I’ve been just following a circuit trail, and then veering off anytime I find something interesting.  I’ve been exploring a lot of the new construction around Storough Drive thanks to this plan, and it’s quite fun.

Outside of the city, I’m hitting up short daytrips more and more as well… an advantage to being unemployed, I guess.  I’ve climbed during the day a ton, and have gotten to get some early runs throughout Quincy – way earlier than I normally would have.  Climbing was cold, but it’s actually easier to climb when it’s chilly out; you don’t sweat, and shoes are nice and solid for holding onto tiny little edges.


Future goals with this entail doing more photography, and hiking around Boston some more.  There’s tons of construction, so possibly exploring those as they’re built?

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