Passover, 2015


Saturday, 04-Apr-15


Getting the whole family together is always a nice treat – Passover especially!  As in many Jewish families, Passover is a good excuse for us to get as many members together for dinner and ceremony as possible – while the service itself has gotten noticeably shorter in recent years, it’s still the same Passover Seder that we’ve always had, and it’s nicely nostalgic to have everyone around the table, passing around the salt water and bitter herbs.

There really aren’t any especially unique stories to tell about this years Passover though – it was nice, and just about what one would expect from a family Seder.  My Grandpa wasn’t able to join us for the Seder section, but he did come up to visit and sit up with us afterward, which is always a nice time.  Even though he can’t really speak clearly any longer, you can tell that he’ enjoys seeing everyone, and recognizes that he’s with the ones he loves.  And that’s really what matters in a springtime festival, right?


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