A quick text message conversation


Ben – Hey man, any thoughts on a cool place to hit tonight that’s covered by that coupon book of yours?  Also… any chicks for your classes wanna join us?


Dave – Haha, Didn’t have class yet today and didn’t looks at the book but have it with me to look at later


Ben – Nice, Also, I am jealous.  I want to not have to do stuff till later… works busy again finally, but still dull


Dave – Haha build a box fort!


Ben – … Holy shit I actually have two metric fucktons of boxes that I don’t know what to do with… think that may be a fire hazard though…


Dave – Ridiculousness.  Metric fuckton, as opposed to a standard fuckton?  Which is bigger? Ha


Ben – Metric, clearly.  A metric fuckton is equal to 2000 fuckilograms, whereas a standard fuckton is only 2205 fuckpounds, and there ~ 2 fuckpounds per fuckilogram


Dave – Haha, way to brighten my day after spending the last 1hr 40min talking about functional imaging.


Ben – I do what I can man, I do what I can 🙂 I’m thinking I want to save this conversation though, its kinda insane…


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