Daily Archives: January 24, 2011




So, this weekend was yet another amazingly fun weekends, focused on partying and snowboarding.  I’ll admit that I’m a bit worried about how many days I’ve spent on the mountains, mostly from a “damn this is expensive” point of view, but I’m figuring that as long as I keep it low and chill, everything’ll be alright.


Anyways, Friday night was the start of the weekend, obviously, and it started off with a very relaxed dinner, followed into a huge house party on Mission Hill.  The party was a fundraiser for… something… A trip that my friend Emalee is going on, I think.  Whatever the reason, it was a huge house party on Mission Hill, which means that it was a small apartment packed with a huge number of people listening to music, dancing, playing beer pong, or just generally looking for something to drink or someone to hook up with.  Something I’ve misses from sophomore and middler year.  I went with a fairly big group, and we all had a blast and rocked out like the stars that we are.  We ended up leaving around 02:00, bringing a girl named Katie with us.  Her and I had met during the party and found out that she lives right next to my buddy Dave, who was with us.  Katie and I walked around NEU for a while, then rocked out for another two hours or so after running into Dave and Cosimo, ‘till I finally headed home for a few short hours of sleep before Saturday really started.


Saturday Morning was my second snowboarding day of the season, and it started perfectly early.  I met up with Maddie around 10:15, and we drove out to Blue Hills so I could practice riding and she could get back into skiing.  We grabbed some Dunkin on the way, chowed down, and hit the slopes by 11:30.  The day was really solid; warm enough that I only needed one jacket layer, but cool enough that I wasn’t sweating too much after each run.  We got seven or eight runs in, interspersed with a few water and rest breaks where we hung out with the EMS adventure-school booth that was set up for the day.  I was able to get down most of the runs without too many falls, and Maddie ended the day by rocking one of Blue Hill’s black-diamonds.  Not bad for my second and her first 🙂 We did have to leave a bit earlier than planned though, since Maddie got called into work early; It was good timing though, because I was starting to get what I’ve started calling a “Riders crick” in my neck, from staring over my shoulder so much.


The rest of Saturday was a whole lot of rest and relaxation for me; Kittie came over later in the evening, and we cooked dinner and watched a movie.  Dinner was a really solid “Dessert first” meal with homemade Chocolate Mousse, Rice, and Sweet potatoes, and afterwards I finally got to see Requiem for a Dream.  For anyone that hasn’t seen Requiem yet… Don’t.  Unless you really like watching a movie for the sake of great directing, Requiem will just depress you; after watching it all I wanted to do was curl up into a little ball and cry about how shitty life can be.  Yeah, it was that depressing.


But Sunday did finally roll around, and my movie-induced-depression was burnt away by the promise of more riding.  Mike ended up having to go into work, so instead of doing a few early turns at Wachusett I took a lazy morning with a good lunch, and headed out to Blue Hills again.  It may be a small mountain, but it’s a great value and I really enjoy practicing on their easy slopes.  The weather was pure winter; bitingly-cold, windy, and clear skies.  The wind actually got bad enough that it brought me to a complete stop on one flat-ish section, but after the first two runs I got used to crouching way down to sneak past the wind.  I ended up getting in another great set of runs; maybe ten or twelve (even after my first set of rented boots broke) and finally went home around 05:00.


Sunday night we had a sweet potluck over at Dave and Cosimo’s place at NEU.  Mike drove over after work, and Katie and her roommate Taylor came over to chill and eat, so we had an amazingly fun time cracking jokes and telling random crazy stories.  I cooked Pineapple chicken for everyone, and Dave cooked up a German dessert that I still can’t pronounce right, much less spell.  We ended the night by watching stupid videos on Youtube (mostly old beer commercials), and everyone headed out to catch some early Z’s for the coming week.


A super solid weekend definitely, and I’m thinking that this new love affair with Snowboarding is going to make this winter significantly more exciting than I expected 🙂