Story of the weekend, Jan 15th – Jan 17th


I started it off with Friday Night, which I spent…. I actually don’t remember.  I think I just vegged and played some guitar, maybe messing around with SolidWorks or video games… Likely watched some Generation Kill with my roommates too, not sure though.


Saturday I wanted to get up early to get some shopping and maybe even skiing in, but instead I decided that sleeping was clearly more exciting, and spent a really relaxing morning just sort of vegging around the house: got the room cleaned up, worked out a bit, and generally just had a good time relaxing.  My biggest accomplishment was getting everything organized for Saturday night, which was an old friend’s birthday party in Providence.


Alex was one of my friends back in High school who I had drifted apart from, mostly due to geographic distances.  But Saturday was his birthday party at Dave & Busters in Providence, and I figured it’d been way too long since I’d rocked out with him.  So I got a crew together consisting of Dave, Big T, Daniel, and Myself, called to make sure Ashley was heading out too, filled the car up with gas, and headed down to RI.


The party itself was pretty solid, especially since it was my first time at a Dave & Busters.  Thanks to Dave and I there will be no more Terminator Movies ever; we CLEANED HOUSE at the Terminator arcade game, busting through every level thanks to having nearly-infinite game points to spend on new lives 🙂  But win we did, leaving Skynet a smoking crater.  After that all of us wandered around the arcade, won a few games, ate some pretty solid dessert and caught up with all my old friends, hearing stories from Alex’s younger brother (who I spent most of high school hanging out with) about the kids we used to know, and how less successful than us they were.  Always nice to get an unexpected ego boost out of a night.  We ended the evening at around 1:30 with the drive back to Boston, and I finally got to bed around 03:30 after dropping everyone off.


Sunday was a super-slow day, mostly due to going to sleep at 03:30 that morning.  I did, however, finally get out to see Black Swan, which was an amazing (albeit creepy) movie.  I honestly felt drunk after seeing it; partially because of the crazy camerawork, and partially because I still hadn’t eaten by 9:00 when it let out.  So, I promptly went to the Public House to grab dinner and drinks with a friend named Maddie, while her and I schemed about taking long trips around Asia and Australia.  And Ohh how we schemed… we got some very legit plans down, and actually had a really good conversation about the reasons behind wanting to travel.  Lots of Zen discussions were had to go with the good beer and amazing Mac & Cheese.  After dinner I dropped Maddie off at her place, hung out and relaxed with Kittie for a bit (I haven’t seen her in ages, so we had lots of chill times with lots of fun), and crashed for the night.


Since Monday was a holiday, I had promised myself that I’d make the most of it, and not just lay in bed like I did all Sunday.  So, after waking up, showering, and making myself some breakfast, I headed out to the Blue Hills to try snowboarding again, for the first time since the day I first learned three years ago.  I rented a board at the mountain and went straight for the bunny slope, planning on spending the whole day simply remembering how to stand up.  Happily though, I only spend around 45min remembering how to plow and the basics of turning before I decided that I needed a slightly bigger canvas to practice on.  You know, more time to actually carve and less time trying to get back up the mountain. So I headed to the big-boy chairlifts and tried a few runs on the easiest (and longest) run that Blue Hills has; a green called “Sonya”.  I had a blast, and after five or so runs I was making it down with only a few falls, having a blast the whole time.  I headed home around 5:30, looking forward to a full dinner, some guitar playing, and maybe a round or two of StarCraft with my Dad.  A very good day, and a very good cap to an amazing weekend.


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