A quick story from my ride home



Biking home from work one day – One of my favorite stories of road rage happened when I was riding home from work one night, heading West on Comm Ave.  Not surprisingly, a car pulled out in front of me as I pedaled up the BU hill, causing me to swerve over to avoid it.


“Whats wrong with you?!!  Where are your lights?!?!” the driver yelled over to me from the opened window of the car, once he had caught up to me.  “umm… on the front of my bike, dumbass…  Watch where your pulling out!” was my quick reply, as I pointed at the lights attached to the front of my bike.  Not missing a beat, the driver came back with the most over-used insult to cyclists; “Well, stay in the bike lane!” Keeping up the Three Stooges banter, I replied with a “I can’t, you were driving in it!  Now fuck off and die in a fire!”.


I guess this annoyed him enough that he could come up with a unique insult, though I’m still unconvinced that its actually an insult… “Ohh, so you think you’re some kind of stud, huh?” he hollered at me as he burnt rubber peeling away from me.  To this day I can’t think of how that could really be an insult, though it did give me a nice little ego boost to help me push home with, thinking to myself, “Yes.  Yes, I totally am a stud…”


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