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Another adventure in Connecticut


Weekend of Friday, 02-May-14 & Saturday, 03-May-14

This weekend was a bit of an ecclectic one – lots of little adventures.  Let’s start out with driving down to Connecticut again…


Friday, 02-May-14

  • Bike to and from work, have a nice ride each way, especially since I get to leave work a bit early
  • Relax at home for a spell, have a snack, it’s all good
  • Pack the car up and RIDE!
  • Long and relaxing drive, somehow missing like 90% of the traffic
  • Link up with Big T in Danbury, and we head out for mexican down the street from him
  • Eat, drink, and be merry… though i also forget my credit card at the restaurant.  Damn.  But on the upside, they have some extremely good nachos, and really solid chicken tacos.  So it’s sort of a wash, in the long run.
  • Head back to his place, and tear through a few episoded of “The Angry Videogame Nerd”, followed by Avatar, the Legend of Korra, followed by beers and chatting.  I always forget how quickly one’s alcohol tolerance goes down though – we only have four or so drinks each, but they hit me pretty hard.  In my defense, they were really good / strong beers, but still.  No excuses, I need to brush on on my drink-workouts before I head to France…


Saturday, 03-May-14

  • I’ve got a hair appointment this morning at 9:00, and I’ve been a bit late each time I have an appt. there.  So I make sure to set a lot of alarms before going to bed, and even crash a bit earlier than originally planned…
  • Nope, it doesn’t help.
  • I finally wake up in one of those horrid, semi-hungover states… shit I’m late!  Again!  GUN IT!  Get donuts first!  Try to get my card back first!  Ahh shit get on the highway!
  • Finally make it in about an hour late, but thankfully I shot her an email before leaving, and she sort of expects it of me by now, so we’re all good.  Get everything done and then head back into Mass to have a relaxing afternoon with my folks before heading home to the city…


Adventures in Connecticut


08-Nov-13 through 10-Nov-13


Friday, 08-Nov-13

  • Leave work a bit late, drive down to CT
  • Grab some snacks in Waltham, but from there just cut and drive the whole way to Danbury
  • Park, Link up with Big T, and grab some dinner at a solid Mexican place down the street
  • Hit up a bar nearby for reunion drinks.  Yep.  That’s Jack Daniels.
  • Hang out, play some Halo 3 and Lego Lord of the Rings, then watch an episode of Avatar: Legend of Korra
  • Fall asleep like a log

Saturday, 09-Nov-13

  • Up early, head out to Dreads apt. with Amy
  • Grab some food first
  • Good drive… if a bit frigid
    • Hang out at the Salon, actually arrive early for once
    • Hair gets done; it’s horridly painful, as usual… but it looks good!
  • Roll out, and drive in a random direction
    • Hey, “Hazardsville” looks cool.  Let’s go there
    • Hike a bit, read a bit, wander a bit
    • As I’m driving, my hands are freezing and I wish I had driving gloves… cue a Harley Dealership, so I stop in and buy a pair of motorcycle gloves.  They fit perfect, and keep my hands nice and toasty in the cold.
  • Drive around a bit more, and head into Hartford for a walk along the river
    • Try to find a place to park and/or a coffee shop.
    • Nope, cannot find either.  Literally.  No coffee shops in Hartford.
    • No parking spots either it seems…
    • Finally head to the pub that we usually go to when we go to the convention – Steam Brew pub
    • Great Mac and Cheese with Chicken and Bacon and YUM
  • Head out, and meet up with T at his place again
    • Grab some snacks, watch an episode of Avatar, and chill
  • Head out to his friends place for a party
    • Drinks, chill, toasts, the usual small house party
    • They’re fun, and it’s a cool vibe in the house
    • Drink maybe a bit too much… I admit to nothing
  • Head back, watch an episode and play Lord of the Rings, then crash

Sunday, 10-Nov-13

  • Wake up slowly and painfully
  • Grab some advil
  • Grab some Breakfast!
    • First place isn’t actually a diner
    • So we wander
    • Second place?  Totally a diner.  And they have GOOD food
    • And good coffee
    • <drool>
  • Chill for a bit, relaxing and shooting the breeze.  Watch another episode or two, and generally just sit back and enjoy our hangovers
  • Roll out to a state park nearby, called Bear Mountain Reservation
    • Do a bit of walking around… one could even call it hiking
    • Fields, lakes, and abandoned buildings.  Fun times.
    • Shoot the breeze and somehow it’s like we’re back in college, wandering around on a Sunday after a big dorm party
  • Finish up the trail circuit and head back
  • Roll out to my Aunt Tovah’s house up in Roxbury, CT.  It’s about 30min of excellent top-down driving away.
    • On the way I notice a Volvo following me… and an arm waving out the window!  It’s my Aunt Tovah behind me, which is excellent because she stops me from taking a wrong turn, heh.
    • Visit with Tov for a while, hanging out and feeding the goats, seeing the gardens, etc…
    • Relax and chat for a few hours, until it’s late enough that I really should be rolling out
  • Start in on the final leg of the trip
    • Take a break in Terrysville, at a small deli called Sunrise Deli.  For some reason I’d passed a ton of other small places, but this one called to me…For good reason – the guy behind the counter was chill, and we shot the shit for near-on 45min as he made up a sandwich for me.
    • Fun guy, talked about traveling in Europe, Polish food, etc…
    • Why Polish food?  Well – this deli stocked fresh Pierogi.  Of which I purchased more than a few.  Apple Bacon Ranch.  Yes.  Excellent
    • Eat the sandwich in the car as I read a bit more… it’s amazing!
  • Drop the top down again and roll out!
  • Put the top up before I get onto the highway, and hit the long and boring road home
  • At one point the computer systems in the car crap out, and it takes a hard stop-and-reset to bring them back online again.  Otherwise, an uneventful drive.