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Delta Rae in Portland – 16-Oct-2019


Wednesday, 16-October-2019

Sarah and I don’t really go out that much, but this was our second concert in as many weeks.  I’m pretty sure that we deserve a medal, or at least a minor commendation, for that level of non-hermitude… right?

Anyways, we had a blast at Angels and Airwaves.  We’d already bought Delta Rae tickets a while back, but having just had such a good time at another concert doubled us down for this one – We both love Delta Rae, and the last time we saw them in concert was glorious, so we were psyched for this one.


The venue?

The Douglas Fir Lounge – upstairs it’s a very 70s-ish lounge.  Walking to the bathroom there, I expected to see disco balls, bell bottom pants, and a lounge lizard or two.  Maybe afros?

But downstairs, it was awesome.  A small enclosed space with great acoustics, log-cabin style walls, and high ceilings… but most importantly it only held maybe 200 people, and probably less.  Sarah and I were second-row, standing room only, getting to rock out nearly on stage with the band.  Not a bad setup, not at all.


The show itself was amazing – Like Angels and Airwaves, Delta Rae knows how to put on a show.  But unlike Tom’s “unique” stage presence, Delta Rae led a perfectly coordinated dance of a concert.  They’re clearly all artists who take their stage presence extremely seriously, and put a huge amount of work into creating a specific vibe and ambiance.  Everything was intentional, perfectly balanced, and exactly on time.  It was amazing – like a perfect dance.

We had a great time.  Enjoy the pictures! We even commandeered a set list off the stage after the concert was over!

Mike’s Birthday bash in Davis!

Mike’s Birthday bash in Davis!

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 21-Aug, 22-Aug, 23-Aug

This is a tale of adventure and drinking.

Of reunions and new friendships, competition and group success.

This is the story of a Californian Beerfest.

Mike had moved out to Sacramento, in California, a few years back. We’d adventured together on my roadtrip, but I hadn’t seen him since.

His birthday seemed a good enough excuse as any to fly down and spend a weekend rocking out. I mean… I hadn’t been to a real heavy-duty party in a very long time, so that was also a pretty good draw to get my out there.

And so, I bought tickets and planned it all out. And then, on Thursday when I confirmed all my plans, I got a nice little surprise…

I’d booked tickets for the wrong weekend. One week late, to be specific. So the adventure really started on Thursday, when I started making frantic phone calls to the airline, trying to figure everything out and get new tickets for the right weekend. They happily oblidged, only bumping the ticket price up by a measly 150%… so my $200 round-trip flight turned into a $520 flight concerningly quickly.

Whatever. The rest of the plan was solid, and I was happy…

Friday, 21-August-2015

I left Hood River on Friday evening, driving into Portland right after work. I had a mission in mind, though not one that tied into the weekend party plans.

Sarah’s parents were in town, and the timing was perfect for me to get to meet them quickly. Not long enough for us to do a fully awkward “Hi, I’m the new boyfriend, nice to meet you ohh god what do I say” thing, but just enough time to break the ice and chat for a bit, before I was forced to run and catch an airplane.

And it worked flawlessly, in my opinion. I picked Sarah up from her work right on time, and then we made it back to her house with just enough spare time to destress and do some last-minute cleaning.

We talked, introduced, and discussed the perks of being from New England along with the excellent places in New Zealand that we’d visited.

Like I mentioned – just enough time to break the ice, and leave me wanting more time to get to know them. Just enough time before my scheduled cab arrived, and I was whisked away to jump into a small metal tube that went careening through the sky.

One quick note: I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get onto the plane as easily as I did; that security was as quick and simple as it was. See… my new job involves working with engines. Specifically ones that run heavy fuel… and I’d gotten some spilled on me earlier. Really thought TSA would call me out on that one…

Whatever. They didn’t, I flew, I napped, and then Mike picked me up at the airport.

And seeing Mike was awesome – it’d only been a few months, but it seemed like forever. There was a party going on at his house when we walked in, but between drinks and games and rocking out we still made time to do some quick catching up before crashing out.

Saturday, 22-August-2015

How you start a party weekend is very important. A boring, poorly fed, unenergetic start can taint the whole adventure. Whereas a solid, happy, fueled and energetic morning can just jump start the whole day, and start everything off right.

We started it off right. Tyler, Mike’s roommate, made breakfast sandwiches. He even made too many of them, so we got to have doubles. Then, we knocked back some excellent coffee, and did a quick grocery run to grab all the last little bits that the party needed. You know… Beer, ping pong balls, colored headbands to differentiate teams, string, that sort of stuff.

Then. Then we headed back to the house and started into the main event.

The main event, you may ask, what was that? Well, my friend, the main event was a recreation of the classic movie “BeerFest”, where we’d split everyone into teams (tied to counties, preferably, with the threat of being rebranded to “North Korea” as a threat to keep anyone from complaining about rules) and then proceed through a series of drinking games.

We wrote up a list, posted it on a whiteboard, and started playing…

The party started at 2:00, give or take, and the first set of events was:

  • Spin Bat – simple childs game, where you have to run to the other side of the yard, spin around a whiffleball bat a few times, and then run back. After chugging a beer, of course.
  • War Pong – Where two teams line up, and play concurrent games of Beer Pong, but with fewer cups per person. First team to run out of cups has to drink the whole table.
  • Quarters – Simple and efficient, the team who can bounce the most quarters into a shot glass wins. The looser has to chug a beer.

After the first split, we took a break for snacks, refreshments, and a chance to tally points. No one really remembered points, if we’re being honest. But clearly my team won. Clearly. I am trustworthy, and not lying about how badly Tyler and Spring stomped us. We also spent more than a few hours lazing around in the pool, while Tyler cooked some amazing food for us all.

  • Depth Charge – a new game to me, where you put a shot glass in a glass of beer, and slowly fill it up. The team that sinks the shot glass looses, and has to chug the beer. Noticing a pattern, yet?
  • Thumper – I don’t even. Basically a memory game, where everyone makes silly signals and signs and slaps their legs and I don’t even know, whatever.
  • Boot Race… the final battle!!! – This one was serious business. Very technical section. Line up teams, and have a straight drinking contest. First team to consecutively chug all their beers wins. Final member must drink from “DAS BOOT”.

Once the games were over, partying and relaxing began in full. Wizard staffs are made (as you finish a can of beer, you tape it on top of your previous can. Thus making a staff. The tallest was 30+ beers) Alcohol was consumed, parties were had, and I crashed on the couch happy as a clam.

Sunday, 23-August-2015

I didn’t wake up unhappy, hungover, tired, or sore. Somehow, somewhere, someone was looking down on the house and saying, “well done, everyone. You earned a good Sunday, so please – have one on me”.

I was the first awake though, so I took the chance to repay a debt that I had since I visited Davis during the roadtrip – when I partied then, Spring had done all the dishes before I was able to get up to help. So this time, since I was the first awake, I was able to jump into the kitchen and start getting things cleaned up. I even cleaned up, fixed, tested, and used Mike’s espresso machine. You know, the one that he bought nearly two years ago, but never got around to even plugging in?

With the kitchen clean, we head to Black Bear diner for breakfast. Mike explains how the entire diner chain is an Illuminati front, and that the bears are actually the woodland critters from South Park. Mike is a very special man, and we all love him dearly.

Well fed, Mike and I finished cleaning the house, and then headed out for a bit of biking around Davis itself… I’ve only visited twice, so the chance to actually see the campus and the back roads / bike paths was really excellent.

Let’s be honest – even if I wasn’t feeling hungover, my body definitely wasn’t feeling completely up to snuff. So the relaxing bike ride was really exactly what I needed at that moment. The Yoga class that happened right afterward didn’t hurt either, especially since it was a super relaxing class, especially in comparison to Whitney’s classes that I’m used to (Ed Note: Whitney is the head trainer at the climbing gym that Ben went to in Cambridge. Her yoga classes are more accurately categorized as “core-focused torture”, versus simple “yoga”). I mean… the last 15min of class were literally us taking a nap, with lavendar warm towels on our foreheads. It was glorious.

But all good things must come to an end… and after yoga Mike and I had to accept the actual fact that I’d need to be on an airplane soon. We had dinner (sushi, with some burgers a-la Tyler), relaxed, finished our goodbyes, and then headed to the airport. The flight was delayed twice though, which gave us that little bit of extra time to really enjoy the burgers, and really get all sad that we wouldn’t be rocking out again too soon… boo…

And then, I was flying.

I was going to take the chance to get some writing done, but in all honesty I just relaxed, listened to music, and napped. Party weekends are tiring.

But I was awake enough to pull off a scheme of which I’m quite proud… See, Sarah was going to be picking me up from the Airport. And although we’d only been dating for a week, I had a feeling that she would have thought up something sneaky and amazing as a “Welcome back to Oregon” thing. So I took advantage of that knowledge, and asked a fellow passenger to hold my camera, and take a picture of when she greeted me at the terminal.

It was exactly as cute as you would expect.



Hanging out in Tulsa with Dave and Jigs!

Hanging out in Tulsa with Dave and Jigs!

02-Jun, 03-Jun & 04-Jun, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday



Tuesday, 02-Jun-2015

  • Arrive after the long drive, and meet up with Dave at the house – he got out of work early, so we can hang out and chill. Once Jigs gets home, we pile into the car and head out onto the town… it’s crazy, but I’ve still never really been “out on the town” in Tulsa.
  • So, we head into town! Dinner is some excellent BBQ from a food truck, then we meet up with a friend of theirs and hang out at “The Yeti”, which is an awesome bar right near the food truck. We get pictures of us taken with the yeti (which is a huge statue) by a group of really cute girls… damn. I should have asked them to come with us. I always choke at the last minute…
  • But so we move along to a Vodka bar, where Jig and Dave know the owner. We have a drink there and play connect 4 – I lose the first, then win 2 in a row. Because I’m awesome, and learned. The trick to the game? Distract them! Talk and talk and gesture and make noises, ’till they don’t notice the patterns!
  • There’s an 80s arcade bar! Ohh man! I freaking love arcades! Yeah, ok, we stopped at another bar first but who cares? The arcade one is my favorite: they’ve got skee ball, fighting games, even TRON. Which is super hard, I learn. I could not beat Tron. But they have free tokens if you’re drinking, so we play as many games as we want. Baller.
  • Now that it’s super late and I’m dying, we head back home, and I crash. In a solid bed, finally!!!



Wednesday, 03-Jun-2015

  • By the time I wake up, Jig and Dave have already headed to work. Or, I should say that they’ve left by the time I get out of bed. They did wake me up to say goodbye, but I went back to sleep pretty immediately. So I relax and chill for a bit and put together everything that needs to get put together.
  • Snack and some coffee! I’ve missed having a kitchen so much…
  • I start the “day off” by heading to Home Depot, to fix up the back window a bit better. Gorilla tape out the wazoo! One roll of heavy-duty, four rolls of clear Maritime sealing tape seal the deal (heh, get it?)… but it does take over 2 hours of taping to deal with it all.
  • But with my main chore finished, I head back to the house and make a few calls to finish up my to-do list. Then I just relax for a while ’till Dave gets home from drill.
  • Since she had to work late, we meet Jigs at a Sushi place for dinner… which is amazing! Great view of downtown Tulsa, and excellent sushi. Softshell crab, spicy, everything that you could want; they have. Seriously… why does the midwest always have the best sushi? I don’t get it…
  • Finish up eating, and then head downtown for some other bars! Hit up Woodys… which is an ok place. Not ideal though, a little too bro-ish. But we have a drink, and then move along.
  • Head across the street to Arnie’s bar – it’s an “Irish Pub” that actually does a pretty good job of it. Though the shuffleboard table is a little strange. We meet up with a friend of theirs, and hang out for a while; It’s got a back porch, so we’re outside… and that makes it amazing, in my book.
  • The party lasts a while, but it does have to wind down eventually… so we do head out.
  • Back at the ranch, Jig, Dave and I do our final toasts – I’m leaving in the morning, though it’ll probably be after they’ve left for work. So this is the last chance… We don’t crash though – I hang out with Jigs on the back porch. We chat, chill, and catch up with everything. Life keeps moving, but it’s always amazing to me how well I still get along with my best friends. Everything in the world can change, but we still all synch up pretty damn well.
  • Sleep


Thursday, 04-Jun-2015

  • Up and at ’em! Dave and Jig did get out of the house before me, but I pack the car up quickly to make up for the time lost to napping.
  • But now that it’s all set up, I’m not actually in much of a rush. So I slow up, and hang out for a bit. Have a cup of coffee and a Bean burger. Enjoy the road, so to speak. And THEN I head out onto the open road again.