Adventures in Connecticut


08-Nov-13 through 10-Nov-13


Friday, 08-Nov-13

  • Leave work a bit late, drive down to CT
  • Grab some snacks in Waltham, but from there just cut and drive the whole way to Danbury
  • Park, Link up with Big T, and grab some dinner at a solid Mexican place down the street
  • Hit up a bar nearby for reunion drinks.  Yep.  That’s Jack Daniels.
  • Hang out, play some Halo 3 and Lego Lord of the Rings, then watch an episode of Avatar: Legend of Korra
  • Fall asleep like a log

Saturday, 09-Nov-13

  • Up early, head out to Dreads apt. with Amy
  • Grab some food first
  • Good drive… if a bit frigid
    • Hang out at the Salon, actually arrive early for once
    • Hair gets done; it’s horridly painful, as usual… but it looks good!
  • Roll out, and drive in a random direction
    • Hey, “Hazardsville” looks cool.  Let’s go there
    • Hike a bit, read a bit, wander a bit
    • As I’m driving, my hands are freezing and I wish I had driving gloves… cue a Harley Dealership, so I stop in and buy a pair of motorcycle gloves.  They fit perfect, and keep my hands nice and toasty in the cold.
  • Drive around a bit more, and head into Hartford for a walk along the river
    • Try to find a place to park and/or a coffee shop.
    • Nope, cannot find either.  Literally.  No coffee shops in Hartford.
    • No parking spots either it seems…
    • Finally head to the pub that we usually go to when we go to the convention – Steam Brew pub
    • Great Mac and Cheese with Chicken and Bacon and YUM
  • Head out, and meet up with T at his place again
    • Grab some snacks, watch an episode of Avatar, and chill
  • Head out to his friends place for a party
    • Drinks, chill, toasts, the usual small house party
    • They’re fun, and it’s a cool vibe in the house
    • Drink maybe a bit too much… I admit to nothing
  • Head back, watch an episode and play Lord of the Rings, then crash

Sunday, 10-Nov-13

  • Wake up slowly and painfully
  • Grab some advil
  • Grab some Breakfast!
    • First place isn’t actually a diner
    • So we wander
    • Second place?  Totally a diner.  And they have GOOD food
    • And good coffee
    • <drool>
  • Chill for a bit, relaxing and shooting the breeze.  Watch another episode or two, and generally just sit back and enjoy our hangovers
  • Roll out to a state park nearby, called Bear Mountain Reservation
    • Do a bit of walking around… one could even call it hiking
    • Fields, lakes, and abandoned buildings.  Fun times.
    • Shoot the breeze and somehow it’s like we’re back in college, wandering around on a Sunday after a big dorm party
  • Finish up the trail circuit and head back
  • Roll out to my Aunt Tovah’s house up in Roxbury, CT.  It’s about 30min of excellent top-down driving away.
    • On the way I notice a Volvo following me… and an arm waving out the window!  It’s my Aunt Tovah behind me, which is excellent because she stops me from taking a wrong turn, heh.
    • Visit with Tov for a while, hanging out and feeding the goats, seeing the gardens, etc…
    • Relax and chat for a few hours, until it’s late enough that I really should be rolling out
  • Start in on the final leg of the trip
    • Take a break in Terrysville, at a small deli called Sunrise Deli.  For some reason I’d passed a ton of other small places, but this one called to me…For good reason – the guy behind the counter was chill, and we shot the shit for near-on 45min as he made up a sandwich for me.
    • Fun guy, talked about traveling in Europe, Polish food, etc…
    • Why Polish food?  Well – this deli stocked fresh Pierogi.  Of which I purchased more than a few.  Apple Bacon Ranch.  Yes.  Excellent
    • Eat the sandwich in the car as I read a bit more… it’s amazing!
  • Drop the top down again and roll out!
  • Put the top up before I get onto the highway, and hit the long and boring road home
  • At one point the computer systems in the car crap out, and it takes a hard stop-and-reset to bring them back online again.  Otherwise, an uneventful drive.

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