Summer in Wilsonville – more pretty photos!


Late spring and early Summer, 2022
Wilsonville, Oregon

Man… how’s it already over halfway through the year? What the heck, right?

At the same time, ask me about something that happened in March or April of this year, and I’ll guess that it actually went down a year or two ago. Literally – I was looking through old photos, and was like

“Wait, I haven’t been to Smith this year! When did I… Ohh. March. Right! That was really moving and impactful!”

So… yeah. Weird year. It’s what the trauma of our insane and untenable world will do to you, ya know?

That, and… beautiful photo opportunities!!

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  1. Beautiful Photos !!!
    When I am feeling “forgetful” and a bit low, all I have to do is look around at the beauty growing all around me and I remember that “we” did not create the planet, solar system, galaxy, or universe of galaxies… only the mess of cities, wars, and hateful behaviors belongs to mankind.
    It then becomes More beautiful to focus on “God’s Creations”.
    Hugs, Dad

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