I saw Alegria again!


Sunday, 26-June-2022

The last time I saw Cirque Du Soleil… wow. I think it was actually before I started this blog? Or… maybe a little bit after? I feel like it was after I graduated from Northeastern, but… maybe before I left for New Zealand?

So… a bit after I started the blog. But didn’t decide to post about it?

Ehh, anyways. I saw Cirque Du Soleil again!!!

It’s an amazing show – I still listen to the soundtrack from the original every once in a while, thinking back on how amazing and impressive all of the performers were. The pure strength and skill that they put on display… I love watching someone at the peak of their craft, and seeing just what it looks like to spend basically your entire life devoted to perfecting one specific task.

So I met up with my friend Bri, we caught up for a bit, melted in the ridiculous heatwave Portland is having while driving to the performance center, then finally escaped into the nicely air conditioned bigtop!

Of course, I didn’t take photos during the performance. It wouldn’t do to distract myself… and let’s be honest, the pictures wouldn’t come out anyways. It’s a darkened arena, with lights illuminating the performers, so… yeah. Not conducive to my brand of cell-phone photography.

But let me tell you – it was amazing. Maybe not quite as impressive as the original Alegria, if I’m being fully candid, but that memory very well may be tempered by the intervening years. And the Reimagined Alegria was absolutely no slouch – simply amazing, in no uncertain terms.

A quick post this time… but let me tell you. Alegria: A new light, is 100% worth seeing!

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  1. We LOVE Cirque De Solei !!!
    And… we think Bri is a Very pretty Lady !!!
    Looks like you Both enjoyed the show too !!!
    Love & Hugs,
    Dad & Denise

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