Spring Break 2014 – Paris: Street Art


Saturday, Sunday & Monday, 24 – 26 May, 2014

Location: Paris, France


Something I really enjoy looking at, when exploring a new city, is the street art.  The Graffiti, the tags and the little unofficial pieces that get put up every few blocks.  I’m sure that some of them have deeper stories than I’ll ever know, but I like to think that I can get a basic feel for a city from what they have.

For example, much of what I saw in Venezuela was quite intricate and artistic… mostly due to the fact that the president had actually commissioned a number of pieces to “spice up” the construction barriers filling the city.  Or in Hawaii, where the pieces were large and showed a lot of mythology – since people had more time and light to work.

Paris, by contrast, had a lot of sprays and paper pieces – things that could be stenciled or applied quickly and easily.  There were a few much larger and more intricate pieces as well, that obviously took a lot of time and effort, but the majority could probably be applied in mere minutes.  Maybe this means that the police are cracking down a bit more?  Or that the artists prefer to put the time in someplace that they feel safe, and then do a quick application in public?


Either way: enjoy a few of the sights…

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