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Where has Ben been, the summer of 2014? – Climbing at Redrock with Dillon and Liz


This was back on a perfectly warm Saturday, late spring or early summer.

We’d been hanging out the night before, and the three of us (Dillon, Liz, and myself) realized that we all had the next day free, with basically nothing to do…

So we did what we should always do in this situation!  Met up early morning, got breakfast in Glouchester, and then did some climbing!  Even got some nicely bloody knees from it too!

Where has Ben been, the summer of 2014? – Kayaking with Lizzie and my Mom!


A lot of my summer adventures have been tied to the water around the Charles River… this was from far back in the beginning of the summer, when I had a lazy Sunday with nothing to do… so my roommate, Lizzie, and I jumped in the car and headed into Newton to get onto the river.  And since my mom was already in the area, she came along too!

Where has Ben been, the summer of 2014? – Random Kayak adventures


Summer, 2014

It’s been a busy and crazy summer.

I hiked Baldface and got bit by a tick.  A tick that had Lyme, and gave it over to me.

I’ve gotten to climb at Rumney and Redrock, and do more than my share of Kayaking and hiking.

Hell, I even picked up running.  Because why not?  I can’t bike to work anymore, so I may as well do something to keep me mobile… right?

So, here are a few pictures from the summer: