Resolutions for 2014


Not so much resolutions as goals.  I don’t like the phrase “Resolutions” for some reason… I’m not sure why, to be honest.  But it is what it is… and here we go:

  • Take voice lessons from Mike’s old teacher in Somerville
    • At least three lessons
    • Preferably before August
  • Actually pick up the guitar
    • Learn at least one legit Bass line
    • Preferably before July
  • Take Martial Arts classes
    • Preferably Capoeira, but Wing Chung, or some other Eastern style would be cool too
    • Actually spar
    • Twice monthly
    • Attend for at least three months (six classes)
  • Lead a 5.9 route on full Trad gear (doesn’t matter where)
    • Pretty simple… though I’d love this to be The Gunks or somewhere else awesome.
  • Lead the route “Romancing the Stone” (5.10) at Rumney (Sport)
    • I’ve been in love with this route for a while, and almost got it last year.  Seems a solid goal to push my strength and comfort level
  • Climb 5.12 in the gym, on toprope (boring, I know)
    • It’s in the gym, it doesn’t really count.  But I can clean 5.11a/b now, so it’s a solid increase
  • Go on at least two solid & major trips (week long, roadtrip or flying)
    • Plans right now are France in the Spring, and a roadtrip to Maine for my birthday.  We’ll see how they develop
  • Earn a firearms permit from Cambridge
    • General goal – I don’t really want to buy a gun since they’re so damn expensive, but it’s a thing that I’d like to be able to do.
  • Earn a solid raise at work, at least 1.5x that of 2013
    • Simple and self-explanatory
  • Legitimately look into joining Artisan’s Asylum
    • This is a “maker space” in Cambridge, where they have welding tools, milling machines, and lots of other “building stuff” tech.  Shouldn’t be hard, and I’ve got a few projects that I’d like to work on.
  • Learn to Weld from someone at work
    • Maybe as part of building my new Kayak rack?  Again, this is like the firearms permit.  Not something I truly need… but I feel that it’s a life skill that I should have.

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  1. …Go For 5 of ’em anyway ! Leave some for next year. Don’t worry the list grows all by itself – Bucket List !!!

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