New Years Eve, 2.0


Saturday, 11-Jan-14

As is traditional, we hosted a New Years Eve 2.0 party here in Cambridge.  If you want the story behind New Years 2.0, check out the post from last year.  Basically, we can do it because we can.  We’re adults – if we want to celebrate an event twice… well damnit, this is America, right?  FREEDOM TO PARTY!

The day started out with a call from Jordan’s Furniture, telling me that the van was outside and that I needed to let my new bed into the house.  I’d bought one the weekend before, you see, as a celebration of the new year.  So I let them in, had them bring it into the livingroom, and proceeded to have an early breakfast.  Suitably fortified, my room was torn completely apart, a new bed was installed, and everything was completely reorganized.

My room completed, I started into the rest of the house.  Lizzie’d set up most everything, so all I had to do was some final cleaning and prep work… it was nice, and since there wasn’t much to do aside from put the champagne on ice I took it as a relaxed Saturday.

Once people started arriving,

As per the usual, a few snippets from the party are as follows:

  • Lizzie made Jambalaya… and it was amazing!  I’m learning that having a snack set out is a pretty key component to keeping parties sane…
  • I wore a full suit with tails – dress pants, waist coat, and jacket.  Complete with an Iron-Cross medallion from some school here in Boston… not really sure which, but it looked amazing.
  • Chirag was the party boss tonight – more than a few people commented that every time they saw him, he was on official party business… setting up champagne, making drinks, setting up the hookah, or stopping me from using the road flares as blowtorches.
  • I used road flares as a blowtorch, and torched a cup into pretty shapes.
  • Yes, we counted down and rung in the New Year in style: “A toast!  A toast to a New Year; may it be even more amazing, thanks to being rung in twice!”
  • The combination of my group of friends and Lizzie’s crew was pretty excellent; once everyone showed up and started meshing it worked out really well.
  • My room was comandeered fairly early in the night, to be used as a Tarot room.  I was expecting that it would be one of those “fun party tricks” situations… but not so much – I should have realized that it was serious business when Lizzie’s friend took 20min to “purify the energy” in my room, so that it would be conducive to tarot reading.  Interesting…

The party went until… I think 4:30 in the morning or so?  We retired a bit earlier than that, but I heard rumors that the party went on for at least a few hours longer.  I heard some stories the next morning when we all went to brunch, but nothing too concrete… basically just some fun, and slowing down.  An excellent night, definitely.

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