Leg 2 – Flying to Tulsa


Nov 8th, 2011

So I’m finally on the road again, leaving Massachusetts for parts unknown. And by “unknown”, I mean “places I’ve been, at least for a little while”. Right now, my plan is to make my way across the country, by flying through Tulsa, aiming to be in San Francisco for my flight to New Zealand on the 19th , where I’ll stay in NZ for a while on my workers Visa, trying to make back the money I lost in Sao Paulo. In Medway I repacked all of my bags, adding in a few extras since I wouldn’t be moving around as much, and was sitting in the car next to my mom before I knew it, driving to Logan Airport yet again. After a short and less-tearful goodbye I headed through the check in (nearly loosing my notebook in the process) and was on the plane in record time.

My first flight consisted of one long nap, interspersed with bouts of turbulence and bumps, though it was a pretty nice flight thanks to me having an entire row all to myself. I was originally sitting next to a woman with a small dog, but thankfully she decided to head to a seat in the way back to have her own row as well. So the flight went quick, and soon I connected through Houston onto a tiny little prop-plane, where the boarding call was literally “Hey Ya’ll! Lets go to Tulsa! All aboard!”. The plane was actually empty enough that everyone got their own row, and we had to sit near the back in order to keep the center of mass of the plane in the right place. On the flight I chatted with the guy sitting across the isle from me, hearing all about Wisconsin and how expensive the rehab clinic he was going to was… $30,000 for three months, and that’s a cheap one. Supposedly some places charge upwards of $1,500 a day. Drugs are expensive, but it seems getting clean can be even worse.

I met up with Jig and Dave in the airport almost as soon as I landed, and we hung out for a bit while waiting for my bag to get off the plane. It was a pretty fun reunion, and we ended up staying up and chatting late into the night, catching up on everything that had been going on and telling stories about how our friends are all crazy. The craziest thing though? In the last week or so, Tulsa’s been having earthquakes. Seriously, they’ve had three full quakes so far, though thankfully they’ve been pretty small and haven’t done too much damage. I mean… Tulsa’s colder than Boston (today), their having earthquakes, what the heck is going on with the world?

But even though the conversations were still going strong we finally forced ourselves to go to bed, getting ourselves ready to start rocking out like Tulsa’s never seen before for the next few days 🙂

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