A “Souled Out” show – Boston Decom party


Sat, Nov 5th 2011

Mike, Cosimo and I were hanging out at Mikes place after getting back from camping on/around the Cape, just cooling down from the drive back into Boston. Mike and I had planned on heading to a show that night, put on by Boston Decom, called “Souled Out”. I honestly didn’t know much about it, but it had come highly recommended and supposedly would have some really cool pieces of art from Burning-man… definitely something that usually piques my interest. Cosimo was less sure, but after a bit Mike and I were able to convince him to come along, mostly by bribing him with the possibilities of cool music and cool girls, hehe. We ate a quick dinner, showered away the dirt from camping, and headed over about an hour after the official start time.

And… an hour late wasn’t nearly late enough, in the opinion of this engineer. While we did get the chance to see a pretty good band that we would have missed otherwise, the party itself didn’t actually get moving until about two hours after we arrived. ’till then we spent our time checking out the art installations and people-watching, and there wasn’t a lack of either. Art-wise, there we ten or twenty different installations, the best of which I’ve listed below. People-wise, it was a really interesting group, due to everyone being uniquely the same. To explain what I mean – the vast majority of people there were white, 20’s to 30’s, and science-types. But they all wore such crazily unique outfits that watching them was really fun, so I think it evened out in the end. And some of the outfits… damn, I saw one group with LED outfits that must have taken weeks to put together.

Some of the Art Installations (I apologize if I miss-spell them):

  • Tensor – a really cool piece made up of a huge board of LED squares. Reacts intelligently to nearby sounds, and thus was placed behind the main stage, so it would synch with the bands.
  • Siezodrome – a yurt-type tent made up of reflective material, with a LED ball in the middle. A small remote controls the LED ball, setting patterns and rate of blinking. Siezure-inducing 🙂
  • Driving-laser-display-thing – I don’t know the name of this one, but it was amazing. A laser show is controlled by a car-like set of buttons and steering wheels. Nothings labeled though, so you have to figure out how to work it yourself. Cool!
  • Multi-colored lights sand table – your usual sand table, which lets you draw cool pictures using the ever-changing lights below.
  • Collect-o-scope – a kaleidoscope tube, but instead of having a set series of colors / shapes that you look at through the mirrored tube, people can put random stuff into it. Very cool.

Aside from the art pieces, there were some amazing entertainers that put on shows throughout the evening. The dance floor was set up so that you could pull various pieces of equipment from the ceiling, so every hour or so they’d pull down the trapieze, ribbon, or hoop and have someone go at it. The people were clearly professionals, and I’ll admit that the acts were really intimidatingly impressive in terms of strength, body control, and general “WOW she is hot!” from the women. They started off with a couple doing a trapieze act together, before they split off and each did their own shorter act; the guy did another trapieze set and the woman did a ribbon-dance… and all three sets consisted mostly of me going “wait, you can do that? How… whoa”. The last piece was performed by another woman crawling in, over, and around a hoop suspended from the roof, and she was the most impressive in my opinion, mostly due to a combination of crazy poses and crazy outfit.

Once the party was going it proved to be a rather impressive one, and the three of us spent the rest of the night rocking out and enjoying the unique atmosphere. I, for one, had a fun time playing this little game that the hosts set up – everyone was given a card on a lanyard, and the goal was to get the highest value card possible, the Ace. Anyone could challenge someone to swap cards by asking for a dare, thus the way to get higher cards was to find someone with said card and complete the dare that they offered you. Over the night I had to flash a girl, do a handstand in the middle of the dance floor, learned how to pole dance, spanked Cosimo, and leapfrogged across the dance floor with two other people. I was dared to strip on the main stage to get a King, but… I decided that discretion was the better part of valor and declined that one. In return I lost my highest card to a girl who did a 30s pole dance for me… totally worth the lost card, in my opinion.

We stayed until the very end when the bouncers started kicking everyone out, though it took us a while to actually find Mike… instead of leaving with the last call, he ended up sneaking into a corner with a chick for some last minute “conversations”. In the end Mike left to get a taxi with the girl, since she couldn’t drive herself home, and I grabbed Mike’s keys to drive Cosimo and his new girl back to his apartment. The drive was made much more interesting due to the cars insistence that the lights were turned on, while there was absolutely no illumination coming from the headlights. So we drove home slowly with the hazards lighting our way, and before I knew it I was bunking down in Mikes apartment for the night.

The next day went quickly; I finally had my brunch when Mike got back from the girls apartment (turned out that she was a lesbian living with her girlfriend, so Mike spent an awkward night in the guest room). We tried to take the car to the dealership to get the lights repaired, but were foiled by the “closed on Sundays” rule, so I just headed back to NEU to meet up with Allison for a bit before heading back out of the city. I checked out a neat model-airplane show that my Stepdad had entered, then him and I headed home to chill out and have some late dinner before I jumped back into packing up for my next trip.

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