Camping in November? Lets hit the Cape!


Fri, Nov 4th, 2011

Its the last weekend before my trip gets its second wind and I leave again for Tulsa. Its a tough decision, whether to stay home with the family for one last relaxing weekend together, or to head out with friends for a final huzzah. I’m much for of a “go out with a bang” kind of guy anyways, and when I heard that there was going to be a huge burner/art party in Boston on Saturday I knew which one I was going with. I called my friends Mike and Cosimo and we planned out a scheme for a rather fun weekend – Camping near Cape Cod on Friday, then partying Saturday night.

And so it went. We all met up in Boston Friday night after the guys got out of work, meeting up at Mikes place for a quick dinner before heading out to Scusset Beach, one of the only beach campgrounds still open in the off-season. Mike had dinner cooked by the time Cosimo and I got there, a really good combo of super-moist chicken and sweet corn, so we chowed down quick before packing up Mike’s car and jumping onto the highway towards the Cape.

Scusset turned out to be ridiculously easy to get to, and so after a quick stop to get ourselves some hot coffee (it was FREEZING out and we knew we’d need it) we arrived at the campsite. It wasn’t nearly as deserted as I expected it to be though, and there were at least a dozen RV’s parked around the area, and a nice little knot of people around a communal fire pit. So we set up our tents quick (or slow, in Cosimo’s case… that guy has a wicked complex tent), unpacked the car, and headed over to the communal fire with a six-pack in my left hand and my coffee in my right.

When we got there we saw flashing lights instead of flickering firelight however; I still don’t know what actually happened, but one of the older folks needed an ambulance, and no one was at the fire when we got there. After rescuing a chair from the flames (the wind had knocked it in) we decided to leave the EMTs to their business and walked our way over to the freezing-cold beach for a quick chill-out. It was perfect, in my opinion – bitingly cold wind whipping up the surf, a moonlit sky with just enough clouds to look cool, and the beach was completely empty besides the three of us. We hung out for fifteen or twenty minutes before heading back to the warmth of our campsite, though I seriously debated pulling the firewood down to the beach and trying to get a bonfire going.

Since we clearly didn’t have enough wood for a beach-fire we made one in the little firepit near our tents, stacking the wood up high and tossing some white gas from my stove onto it to help it go quicker. It worked wonders, and before we knew it we were drinking down beers and roasting marshmallows for S’mores. We burned clean through two full bundles of wood that one night, but the fire kept us warm enough to chat long into the night about pretty much everything under the stars and you could see the stars well from the beach. I would guess that we finally ran out of wood and headed back to our tents around 3:00 or so, but I honestly wasn’t looking at the time – the conversations were going really deep, at least in our beer-and-s’more filled minds. But once we did run out of firewood the evening ended real soon afterward, thanks to us not having any more protection against the cutting ocean winds.

The morning… wasn’t. It honestly just didn’t happen, and we finally woke up around 1:00 or so on Saturday morning, each of us slowly hauling our bodies out of our tents and warm sleeping bags. Once we did realize what time it was we pretty quickly packed up the car and headed out towards the main town in search of delicious brunch. For some reason I still had my craving for pancakes and bacon, but unfortunately it was not to be today, since every. freaking. place. Was closed already. Seriously… at 1:30 there was not a single brunch place open anywhere near the bridges onto the Cape. We finally cut our losses and stopped in at a fancy looking lunch place for some seafood, seeing as we were nearly on the Cape after all.

Lunch was actually amazing, though not the pancakes and bacon that I so craved. We each picked up some kind of fishy dish (fish and chips for me) and ate, chatted, and the ate some more. Eating some more was the key since it seemed that this place catered to the starving, and their only portion size was “holy hell that’s a big portion!” I was not complaining, since the fries were excellent, but it did take us a while to work our way through the meal and then drag ourselves back into Mikes car. Him and I swapped out driving duties on the way back to Boston, reminding me how much I love driving a standard, and I had a blast rocking our way home.

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