Weekend of 14MAY11

Weekend of 14MAY11

Friday - 
Today, work was boring.  So when I got home, I decided to get off my 
lazy ass and go for a run, see how well I could do.  Nothing crazy of 
course (or so I told myself), I'd just strap on my new Vibram 
five-fingers that Dave had given me, put on a camelback, and run 
'till I got bored.  Then walk, then run again, and repeat 'till I 
found myself back home.  Well I did just that, but wen't a bit 
farther than expected, and had far more adventures than I 

First off, I ran almost two miles, instead of the mile or so I was 
planning on.  Not sure why, but I just... kept going.  Didn't run 
more than half of it, of course, but I moved.  And with the Vibrams,
 that was more than enough work for my poor legs, they were NOT used
 to that sort of movement and force.  My legs hurt into the beginning
 of Tuesday.

Second, I got a free hamburger out of the run, and got to hang out 
with some church kids for a little break.  Ran past them once on my 
outbound run; just a small church group of kids about my age, all 
hanging around a mid-sized grill with a big sign saying "free food!".
  Not one to pass up a good burger, I stopped in on my way back, ate, 
and shot the breeze for a few minutes.  

Lastly, and by far the best, I saw two old friends on the run; 
Brian Murphy, and Erin McGuinness.  Brian (AKA Murph) was a kid 
from my highschool who I hung out with.  Not my best friend, but a 
cool kid non-the-less.  Truth be told, I don't think he recognized 
me, but I actually take that as a good thing that I've changed from 
the gangly highschool dork that I used to be.  We talked for a minute 
or so, but once the awkwardness eminating from him became too much 
for me, I headed out again to cleaner air.  I decided to take a 
random extra turn after that, which brought me right into the path 
of a certain Erin, a usual at my old BBQ's on Mission Hill whom I 
hadn't seen in years.  Erin and I, unlike Brian and myself, had a 
blast catching up and hanging out; I ended up walking her about 
half a mile to her next bus stop, talking about everything from how 
people were doing to finding out that she had just been kissed by 
Stephen Tyler, since she works at a radio station now.  Yes, I kissed
her cheek where Stephen Tyler kissed her.  So yes, I have officially
kissed the lead singer of Aerosmith.  WOOP!

After finally getting home I collapsed for the evening, making 
myself some quick dinner, relaxing, watching some TV, and finally 
heading to bed.

Saturday - 
Much like last Saturday, except with more relaxing and napping, 
and less video games :)  Nothing really interesting or crazy to 

Sunday -
Same as Saturday, but with more laundry, going to EMS to get my 
bike fixed up (damn spoke popped out on my ride home Friday), and 
more Laundry.  Freaking tons of Laundry, seriously.  

About halfway through rescuing a tank in Modern Warfare, I got a 
text from Ivan, Ashleys husband.  Him and Ashley were bored, and 
wanted to know if I was up for an improptu BBQ.  OBVIOUSLY, so I 
grabbed some quick parts from the fridge, hit the grocery store 
for what I still needed, and headed over there.  We cooked, we 
chatted about how insane our sisters are/were, talked about their 
wedding and how their new house was treating them, and generally 
had a good time.  After dinner, and about 30 awesomely dumb YouTube 
videos later, I headed home around 11:30, hitting the sack by a 
quarter after Midnight.

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