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Weekend of 08APR11 – 10APR11: Adventures in Cambridge pubs, and climbing at Quincy


So, new format for this, since I’m super lazy.  BULLET POINTS!

Friday –

Work.  Bleck.

Meet Kittie atWashington Square, bike to her place, chill, sleep.

Saturday –

  • Woke up, relaxed, Kittie cooked French Toast while I cleaned stuff up
  • Bike into Landmark, get coffee / OJ, spend some time with Kittie / Teda
  • Bike around, work out a bit, relax, take nap 4:30 – 7:30
  • Meet Mike at his place, go to Porter, and check out a place called Toads
  • Watch live music at Toads, pretty awesome
  • Check out a lounge called Daedalus atHarvard Square.  Drink new beer
  • Meet Kittie + French Couch Surfers at Charlies Kitchen
  • Laura helps us defend a table against lots of invading drunkys who keep trying to steal chairs and/or sit on the table (which had my food on it)
  • Kittie is already trashed, but proceeds get in a fight with her digestive tract.  A fight which she looses.
  • Somehow get Kittie back home in one piece
  • Sleep

Sunday –

  • Wake up semi-hungover, Kittie’s definitely still sick
  • Nope, she’s definitely not coming climbing today
  • Kiss goodbye, pick up my kit, and head out to meet Mike and Teda to get gear
  • Meet everyone at chicken lou’s, give Ashley my keys so I can drive Mike’s car, drive toQuincy
  • Driving Mikes car is amazing, and I want one now.
  • CLIMB!
    • Meet the Boston Urban Search and Rescue group.  Apply to work with them, and get contact info for the main group.
    • Climbs:
      • US Army + Sorority Rock
      • Teepee, Tempest(?), flat face
      • Starter Rocks
    • Drop off people at Lou’s.
    • Drop of extra gear at the Gear Locker
    • Drop off Ashley at her place
    • Take Storough instead of Comm, since I dropped Ashley off
    • Get a speeding ticket on Storough for trying to NOT get run over by a car behind me
    • Annoyed.
  • A nap and dinner
  • Kitties out of work an HOUR early?  Crap… meet at my place, pick up Kitties bike fromCambridge, where she left it Saturday night
  • SLEEP!