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Fall exploration around Portland!


Various times in the fall – 2018


Portland is a beautiful city; the sheer number of trees that line the streets and sidewalks, the beautiful foliage of Forest Park across the river, and the little shops all around our neighborhood.  It’s lovely – without getting into details on the tons of little trips we’ve went on, please enjoy a few pictures from the beauty!


Hiking in Forest Park – a light warm up hike!

Hiking in Forest Park – a light warm up hike!

Taking a stroll through Forest Park

Saturday, 24-June-2017


At this point, we’d already hiked Dog Mountain… a pretty heavy hike, by most metrics.  It had hurt though, and I’d been out of commission for a few days afterward.

This time, we were going to take it a bit easier, and ease me back into hiking with a simpler trail.  The Leif Erikson trail, to be exact.


So… we hiked it.  Not the whole thing, mind you.  Just 8 miles, give or take.  Still a good walk, but since it’s nearly flat, it was more of a relaxing stroll than a full-on hike.

That’s kind of it.  It was beautiful, and gave us some really good views of Portland.