Hiking the Leif Erikson trail with Ollie


Sunday, 14-June-2020


I’d recently learned that Forest Park was a much shorter drive away than I remembered. Maybe it’s the lack of traffic, or maybe it was just a mistaken memory, but either way I’ve been thankful to have some forests to get into, and some mud to get under my boots.

Ollie and I went for a hike.

I… don’t really know what else to say about it. It’s forest park, so the trail isn’t particularly challenging or long, and there really aren’t any good views except for the ones of Ollie running through the trees. It’s fairly quiet, which is nice, but in the end it’s not a crazy big hike or anything.

It’s just quiet. It’s a chance to escape the city while still staying within city limits.

We enjoyed it, spent as much time adventuring together as we could, and then went home.

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  1. So beautifully GREEN !!!

    Makes one wonder why Kermit found it so hard being this GORGEOUS color?

    Colors Make Our World BEAUTIFUL !!!

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