My friends come to visit – A day at the coast!


Saturday and Sunday, 20-May-2023 and 21-May-2023

Ohh man… it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to hang out with Dave! I think the last time was when I was still living in Hood River… and all I really remember was that we had a fire on the porch, wrapped Dave up in a sheepskin rug, and had him pose with a dwarven sword and a battle axe.

Those’re the kind of things we remember.

Anyways, Dave and his wife Lakay came to visit in May!

Sunday, 21-May-2023

Twilight isn’t an ocean movie… but it did have a scene shot at Ecola Beach (supposedly), so there we found our destination for the day!

Breakfast was found… out? Somewhere? Huh. I can’t actually quite recall what we did for breakfast… maybe we did something quick at home? Interesting. We did something, at least, I’m pretty sure.

Anyways we went to the beach. Heck yeah!

We started the day off at Cannon, since that’s an absolutely eponymous Oregon landmark. Haystack rock, yo!

We walked, I flew the drone a safe distance from the birdys, we chatted, and we found a whole slew of gorgeous roses floating in the surf. I rocked the photography, Lakay got to dip her toes in a new Ocean, and it was an amazing adventure.

It even included crepes!

From Cannon, we headed to Ecola – supposedly the spot where they shot a few scenes from Twilight, but we weren’t quite sure… a few movie details didn’t quite add up, but you know what? Who cares – we had a blast, we got to explore and experience a glorious day… what more could you want?

After the adventures, we did a fun light dinner with Jess, before enjoying our last few hours before having to head back to the airport for a Sunday-night red-eye. We caught up, ate great food, and I couldn’t have been more thankful for the excellent weekend.

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