The joys of simplicity – Winter break, 2022 into 2023


Friday, 23-Dec-2022 through Monday, 02-Jan-2023

I reflect on quiet time, as I’m relaxing on my balcony and keeping my hands busy with the simple act of shining my dress shoes while “writing” this post in my head.

Life is… insane, these days. Always dialed up to the 11, and always 5min later than I’d like to be. I don’t know if that’s me, my age, or the world as a whole… though, to be frank, it really feels like the world as a whole. The 24-hour new cycle, the constant stream of short clips of information being beamed into my eyes by Reddit and Youtube and Instagram… My phone and computer constantly clamoring for attention.

I’m going to do better about ignoring them, I’ve decided.

My phone went on “Do Not Disturb” on Christmas day, and hasn’t intentionally left that state since, as of when I’m finalizing this post on 02-Feb. I’ve set up exceptions for various people at various times, and accidentally turned it off for 20min one Tuesday morning, but overarchingly my life’s been far quieter than it was in 2022. The clamor is lowered, the buzzing and beeping far less constant.

I’m focusing on the simple. Small actions that help ground me, center me, and let time flow a little bit more slowly.

Shining shoes, pruning plants, lifting weights and reading books by the fire. Slow sips of interesting whiskey, and quiet evenings plucking strings on my guitar… however discordant those notes may be.

We’ll see how long it lasts into the year. But for now… I’ll appreciate the quiet for as long as I can have it.

I don’t have any photos to include of quiet time, since… well, obviously. Instead, enjoy two very similar views, with subtle-but-critical differences in composition. Relax, appreciate each for its own strengths… and maybe you too, dear reader, can enjoy some similar quiet.

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