A brunch, A hike, and an excellent Saturday



Since I went to the mountain the day before, clearly I would be going to the coast today, right?

Right. Clearly, the only option!

The day started out deliciously – meeting a friend for brunch at Pine State Biscuits. I’d be starting a series of early-morning hikes soon enough, so I was absolutely relishing the chance to sit down and have a nice slow social morning… the excellent biscuits and fried chicken were just icing on the cake!

After brunch we headed West, toward the land of infinite sand.

Just like a hike, there isn’t really much to talk about for a beach walk. I mean… we walked. On the beach. At one point we stopped to make sandwiches, and at a point a little bit later we turned around and started walking back. We watched the sunset, got ice cream, and then headed back to the car.

The story, as they say, is in the pictures.

(Ed Note: Do they really say that? I don’t know… I think Ben’s making things up again. But that’s fine, because pictures.)

The day wasn’t over though, and didn’t finish with the setting Sun.

While driving home, a question was asked. “Have you stargazed recently?”

We thought, and I realized something. It’s been ages since I’ve stargazed, and… as loath as I am to admit it… I’ve never laid out on the hood of a car and stared into the cosmos.

Clearly, an unacceptable state of affair. And thankfully, one easily remedied by a quick exit from the main road followed by a quick search of the car’s maps for a spot by a river, and finished up with a blanket on the cooling hood of the car.

An excellent day.

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  1. “LOVED” the “starfish” photo on the beach especially, but stargazing is a really great way to culminate a great day of adventuring !!!
    Love Dad

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