Sunsets in Wilsonville


Various times throughout early 2022

Along the same lines as my last post (Ed Note: See “I like this Tree”, intrepid readers!) is the building across the street from my office. It’s a very standard office park building… but that’s not a bad thing, sometimes.

We love flowers because we know what they generally look like – the fact that there’s a lot of them that all look vaguely similar doesn’t take anything away from the beauty.

To me, it’s the same with everything in the world. Or at least, I’m trying to make a major point to see things that way. Who knows? Maybe you’ll agree that office buildings, docks, and sunsets can be just as pretty as I think they are?

And even if sunsets aren’t as pretty as I think they are… or if people are kind of used to seeing them?

Well, walking to take those pictures sometimes brings me across little pieces of inspiration like this:

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