I like this tree


Various times throughout early 2022

I’m trying to make a point to be slow, this year.

Not like… lazy or something. I mean really focusing in on the “stop and smell the flowers” aspect of life. Funny enough, that’s a literal statement right now in Wilsonville – a lot of the bushes and shrubs near my office are in bloom (yes, in February) and smell absolutely delightful!

Sunset is usually right around when I’m leaving the building. Through the parking lot and across the street there’s a tree that I love visiting after I get out for the day. Now, this isn’t even remotely on the walk to where I park – instead, it’s probably quadrupling the distance that I walk after leaving the front lobby.

But this tree? It’s… perfect. Something about the shape, and how it’s framed by the sunset… I love seeing it each day. Slightly different, but always beautiful.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

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  1. That is indeed a nice tree. Maybe it’s the droopy branches or the nice round share they give the silhouette. Grandpa had a favorite tree that we would go see on walks around outside their building. We would walk there and sit on a bench and just look at the tree and sigh. Lovely. Grandma, on the other hand, liked sunsets. She would stop right in the middle of going somewhere if we happened to pass a window at just the right time, and comment on what a lovely sunset it was. You’ve got both their appreciations rolled into one perfect you!

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