Quarantine cooking 2020


Various days, weeks, and months in early 2020


Hello! Welcome to “cooking pretty well”! I’m your host, Ben!

Today, I’ll be showing you some of the things that I cooked pretty well! Thanks to COVID-19, everything’s shut down here in Oregon. I’m very glad that everything’s shut down, but it does make getting interesting food fairly difficult.

Luckily for me, I like cooking! I’m even okay at it usually!


I didn’t post any individual articles about these while I was cooking them, because they’re frankly not that particularly interesting or impressive on their own. But when taken together… this shows a history of creativity and can-do attitude! Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

Short version – I had a lot of fun trying new recipes, and cooking things that I’m not well versed in. It was fun, and almost everything came out quite tasty!

  • White Castle burgers!
    I followed a youtube recipe (link below) which walked me through the various steps to preparing and cooking semi-accurate White Castle sliders. I can’t comment on how authentic they tasted, since I’ve never actually been to a White Castle, but I can say that I was happy with how they came out.
    As a bonus, I couldn’t get buns from the grocery store, so I made my own!
    Solid 7/10
  • Brisket!
    I followed my standard recipe for this one, and I’m happy to say that it came out exactly as well as I’d expect.
  • Hamburger Sliders!
    Not similar at all to the White Castle burgers, these were cooked directly on the skillet, and didn’t have any onions included… but dang, did I do a good job.
    I even learned that they’re good as leftovers, either re-heated in the toaster, or just microwaved and eaten like a savage.
    9.5/10, good things here.
  • Steak.
    Is steak. Was good. Yes.
  • Mega-Extra bacon cheese burger!
    Normally, I don’t put lettuce or tomato on my burgers. It’s not that I’m against it, mind you, it’s just that I don’t think that they add enough to justify the effort of getting all the extra ingredients. See, I don’t really buy “hamburger materials”, it’s just stuff that I like to keep stocked in the kitchen. Lettuce and tomato though… those don’t last long enough to keep stocked regularly, so I don’t.
    Which means that, sometimes, I decide to get fancy and make a full-power burger. Like this one!
    9/10, yay burger!

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