08-May-2016 – Hiking Munra point with Sarah!

08-May-2016 – Hiking Munra point with Sarah!

Sunday, 08-May-2016

Mothers day!


First off: Mothers day calls.


Once Sarah and I had both wished all the happy Mothers days, we packed up the house… and then relaxed and did basically nothing for the whole beginning of the day.  Or… rephrase that – I did very little.  I read, relaxed, and helped out where Sarah needed me.  But honestly, she didn’t need much – she spent most of the time working on the truck, and finalizing her packing plan for the upcoming adventure.

Once that was done though, we drove out to Hood River, dropping the puppy off at the house.  Because we were hitting up a tough trail… hiking Munra Point! It’s a super steep line up to a ridge, with some amazing views… especially at sunset, which worked for us since we did it late. But again, that just meant that we got amazing sunset views.

Then we spent a long drive debating what to have for dinner… finally leveling out on steak. Woo!

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