06-may-2016: Hiking saddle mountain with Sarah!


Friday, 06-may-2016

Hike saddle mountain with Sarah!

Camped out at the base of saddle Thursday night, after having a nice dinner in Portland. Full car camping, and it’s awesome.

Hike saddle during the day… it’s a super pretty mountain! Note: cool hiker ladies, and Dutch family with the cool kid.

Dinner of enchiladas and a fire and it’s freaking awesome

Saturday, 07-may-2016
Wake up, break fast, back to Portland. Relax and climb, I think?

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  1. That food looks fantastic. I haven’t had the opportunity to do much cooking over the camp fire. Usually we’re hungry long before we’re ready to start a fire so we end up cooking on the camp stove. Do you have any advice for cooking over an open flame. Maybe you could write a post about it.

    • Not a bad idea… it’s been a while since I did a recipe post! Though I’d have to get Sarah’s green light – I cook pretty good back country meals, but they’re simple & kind of boring… basically pasta and chicken and diced onion, all tossed into a pot with some red sauce.

      I’ll put one together, thanks for the suggestion!

      • My girlfriend is one heck of a camp cook. I should have her write up a few recipes too. It’d make a good short and fun post. Thanks for the idea too.

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