20, 21 & 22-May, 2016 – Visiting Sarah and her parents in Bakersfield!


Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 20, 21 & 22-May-2016


Visiting Sarah and her parents in Bakersfield!!

Friday –

I stayed in Portland Thursday night, so flying out of PDX was pretty easy – just a straight shot to LAX… which is really far from Bakersfield!  Sorry! I didn’t know it was so far away from Bakersfield! If I’d known, I would have flown direct, so Sarah and her folks wouldn’t have to drive so long!

The drive is nice though – it gives us time to chat, catch up, and relax a bit as a start of the weekend.  Most importantly, since we’re all stuck in the car for a while it gave me time to cuddle Ollie and Sarah, and for us to grab a bit of food on the way back. Yay Chinese fast food! And mango smoothies!

Getting to the house is a nice chance to unwind after an insane week, and I finally get to meet Leeloo and Loki – Sarah’s (now her parent’s) cockatiels!  We have fun, though they don’t really want to hang out with me, and instead spend the time hanging with Bill or Sarah.

Saturday –

Saturday get’s us up and at em, starting into the day. Breakfast was delicious, and followed up with burning it off by hiking around and looking at the oil fields… all while Ollie trips balls chasing after real and probably imagined gophers. Turns out, there’s tons of them in the area.  Then back to hang out at the house, have a soak in the jacuzzi, and eat an amazing prime rib dinner. Like… seriously.  Sarah’s dad makes an AMAZING prime rib!  I’m hungry typing about it again…

The rest of the night is chill, hanging out, having some drinks, and learning a lot about New Orleans customs, parties, and parades!

Sunday –

A sad day, the last day.  Packing up and figuring out what I should bring back to Portland takes a bit of time, but it’s not too much, and soon enough Sarah’s mom, Sarah and I all head into the Getty, a huge art museum in LA that reminds me more of a Bond fortress than an art museum.  Seriously – we take a tram up to get to the main gate.  Who does that?  Bond villains, that’s who.

The Getty is awesome, though unfortunately Bill can’t come, since he’s watching Ollie and showing the house, since they’re selling it and moving away pretty soon… Hence me bring stuff back to Portland.  There are tons of pretty exhibits, including caves and some awkward “erotic photography”… that honestly wasn’t super good, if we’re discussing it.  Kind of too focused on being fancy.  But hey, it was cool, so that’s nice!

Then dinner of pizza, a sad goodbye, and a flight home!


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