25, 26 & 27-March; adventurous in Seattle! (Exploring Seattle)

25, 26 & 27-March; adventurous in Seattle! (Exploring Seattle)

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 25-March through 27-March, 2016

We went to Seattle!

A friend of Sarah and I, Dave, lives part time in Seattle.  Seattle is a place that I haven’t been before, but that Sarah thinks is wicked cool (to visit, a little large to live in we think).  If it’s a place, and there’s a reason to go, and it’s only 3 hours driving away…

What I’m getting at, is we went to Seattle!


The main goal of the trip was to explore and climb at a place called Frenchman Coulee, outside of the town of Vantage.  But this post is about the adventuring around Seattle that we did, not the climbing.  See how I mimic’d the start of my last post?  That’s ’cause I’m an awesome author.  Totally.



We stayed at our friend Dave’s place – a nice apartment right near the center of the Ballard area.  Which, perfectly, was right near some rather awesome bars and at least one really cool restaurant.

Specifically, an amazing South American joint that made amazing… ahh… well. They were sort of like enchiladas? I definitely did the whole, “I’m crying because it’s spicy and awesome but I refuse to stop eating because it’s so good!!” thing for most of the meal. 


But that was only one meal – the others were burgers at home (didn’t work out super well, since the grill that we’d planned on using was locked up) and then… the Seattle Pike Place Market!

From what I hear, Pike Place is kind of famous… and from what I saw, for damn good reason.  Seriously… they had everything there, twice.  Delicious food on a stick (that we had for lunch) beautiful flowers (that I got for Sarah) and tons of neat knives / tchotchkes (that we admired… but didn’t buy).  it was like Fanieul Hall in Boston… but a bit bigger, and with fewer insane tourists.  I mean, probably more tourists total, but a larger space, so… fewer tourists per square foot?


But so we explored and enjoyed.  We didn’t quite make it up the space needle, thanks to some rather exorbitant prices barring our entry, but we did explore the whole area around the needle.  Especially the fun play park, where we all snuck into the kids area.  It had climbing!  What do you want from me, huh?  Not to climb?  And not to go down a massive slide?


Ohh, we also saw the house from UP!  Turns out: it’s a real thing.  Kinda less exciting though… noticable less old men, and very few balloons.  Turns out – it wasn’t an old guy at all.  Instead, a badass woman named Edith: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edith_Macefield


Then, it was time to leave Seattle (though clearly not forever!).  We took the long way home – stuffing Dave, Sarah and myself into the car, onto a ferry, and into the water.  The ferry was lovely, and gave me a really great chance to see the whole of Seattle… definitely a city I need to visit again.

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